Welcome to EPW Small Business Law PC

I’m Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, a lawyer, writer, mom, and explorer.

As a small business attorney, I help entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, and consultants find simplicity in the law, so they can get back to spending their time helping their clients and changing the world.

Working together one-on-one, via a flat-rate legal Startup Plan or an unlimited ongoing General Counsel relationship, I can help you:

  • Get unstuck and free from undecided legal issues and looming business bullies, so you can keep moving forward on what’s really important.
  • Create legal contracts and frameworks that are in alignment with your business type, personality and style (yes, even if you are virtual, alternative, spiritual, or artistic).
  • Keep a legal eye on your business, looking for what you “don’t know that you don’t know,” so you can avoid getting into an accidental legal mess.
  • Structure your business and projects to protect your intellectual property, your money, your people, and yourself.
  • Get your business set up right, quickly and efficiently, so you can get your work started or continue to grow.

The thing is, you’re a smart and capable business owner.

You could do a ton of research and find answers about contracts, incorporation, trademarks, copyrights, liability, compliance, and other small business legal issues on your own.

But doing it yourself may not be the best use of your time and energy (and legal research may not be your thing). My clients bring me onto their team to reduce this burden and help them keep things running as smoothly as possible, so they can get back to their work.

If this resonates with you, here’s how to get started:

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Of course, if you have questions or don’t know where you fit, feel free to Contact Me directly!

Talk to you again soon,

~ Elizabeth