copyright registration

How to Register a Copyright

So you think you want to register a copyright over your creative works? First, lets start with the basics—what is a copyright? A copyright is the bundle of rights (to sell, license, reproduce, display, print, publish, perform, or record) over a creative work, including literary, artistic, or musical works. A copyright is NOT a trademark (image, symbol, […]

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Liz Lockard

Client Spotlight: Liz Lockard of Liz Lockard Marketing Consulting

This is the third post in our Client Spotlight series, where we share fun facts and stories from our wonderful enterpreneur clients. Be sure to check out last month’s Spotlight of Nathalie Lussier, and learn about the smell that makes her productive. — Liz Lockard is a marketing expert, specializing in Google Analytics and SEO […]

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Review of vCita: Appointment Scheduling & Payments & Bridge Line Combined

Ever dream of a software service that does everything on your checklist? All the pieces of the puzzle to help make your small business run more smoothly and give you more time for the things that matter most? So do we! In the meantime, it is satisfying to find a service that combines a few solutions. We […]

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How To Create A Privacy Policy That Won’t Land You In Court

It’s no secret that a strong and honest privacy policy is crucial to any thriving online business. If you’re skeptical, just ask Uber; they ran into legal trouble when their drivers violated their privacy policy. Or look at the app that was voluntarily pulled off the market by its founders for unlawfully using consumers’ public information […]

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