reviews and testimonials epw live 002

Reviews & Testimonials for Licensed Professionals: EPW Live 002

(This show is designed for licensed and regulated professionals.) On EPW Live 002, EPW founder & lead attorney Elizabeth Potts Weinstein shared about: While you’d love to have your clients/patients post reviews or testimonials about you and your business to help promote your work … you also have lots of ethical rules and privacy regulations to follow. Can […]

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Thinking about Being an INTP

Upon confirming my personality type according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator recently, it was fun to see that one of history’s most intriguing characters, Charles Darwin, was supposedly an INTP! What? Wait a minute. Did Darwin take the Myers-Briggs test? Did Einstein? I am not sure how a guy named Joe Butt figured this out, […]

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Client spotlight - Jacqueline Sinfield

Client Spotlight: Jacqueline Sinfield, ADHD Coach and author of Untapped Brilliance

This is our seventh Client Spotlight, where we share interesting facts and stories about our entrepreneurial clients. Be sure to check out our previous spotlight and learn about graphic/web designer Evan Leah Quinn and how everything in her world (even music) has a color! – Our client Jacqueline Sinfield came to us last year to […]

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