September Roundup: 12 Small Biz Resources You Missed Last Month

Each month we share tons of great legal, business, marketing, and life resources for small business owners & entrepreneurs on Twitter, Facebook, and (now) Periscope. But it’s easy to miss out on some great stuff, even if you follow us on the various social media accounts. So here’s what you might have missed last month. […]

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Martha Jo Atkins

Client Spotlight: Martha Jo Atkins, Death & Dying Shazamer

Here’s our latest Client Spotlight, where you learn about our interesting small business and entrepreneurial clients. Be sure to check out last month’s feature on Kaneisha Grayson and her futuristic theories on holographic technology & humanoid assistants! — Our client Martha Jo Atkins consults directly with people dealing with death, dying, and grief, and also […]

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Edgar Review: a Friendly Worker to Recycle & Reuse Your Social Media Content

Most small business owners must manage multiple social media channels, particularly if the company is virtual and does not benefit from traditional storefront marketing. Just like a storefront, however, the most attractive and attention-getting social media accounts rotate their displays frequently, to keep viewers interested and engaged. With this goal in mind, in addition to […]

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Client Spotlight: Kaneisha Grayson of The Art of Applying 

This is the fourth post in our Client Spotlight series, where we share interesting stories and answers from our fun entrepreneurial clients. Be sure to check out previous spotlights of Liz Lockard & the Jetsons, and Nathalie Lussier’s coffee with Egyptian royalty. — Kaneisha Grayson is the founder of The Art of Applying, an admissions […]

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copyright registration

How to Register a Copyright

So you think you want to register a copyright over your creative works? First, lets start with the basics—what is a copyright? A copyright is the bundle of rights (to sell, license, reproduce, display, print, publish, perform, or record) over a creative work, including literary, artistic, or musical works. A copyright is NOT a trademark (image, symbol, […]

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Liz Lockard

Client Spotlight: Liz Lockard of Liz Lockard Marketing Consulting

This is the third post in our Client Spotlight series, where we share fun facts and stories from our wonderful enterpreneur clients. Be sure to check out last month’s Spotlight of Nathalie Lussier, and learn about the smell that makes her productive. — Liz Lockard is a marketing expert, specializing in Google Analytics and SEO […]

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