Sherry Boyer, founder of Petcare Business Owners and Your Amazing Soul


This is our ninth Client Spotlight, where we share interesting facts and stories about our entrepreneurial clients. Be sure to check out our previous spotlight and learn about Megan Roop, founder of Quiet Adventures, and her vision of values-led business practices

It has been a pleasure to support our longtime client Sherry Boyer with the legal aspects of her successful ventures in the petcare industry, and now with her passion for helping others to thrive through Your Amazing Soul. Sherry tells a deeply personal story of courage through adversity and, on the lighter side, the art of wiping tables in Japan.

Were you born an entrepreneur?

Not at all. Although I grew up with a father who said I could do or be anything that I wanted to be, no matter what, and with a mother who supported my idiosyncrasies, no matter how different I was from her.  I never knew what I would end up doing, because I tried just about everything. In fact, I used to be one of those kids who railed against the “corporation,” which is pretty amusing right now.

What’s the strangest job you’ve ever had?

I worked in a small family hotel in Japan during the ski season one year, cleaning rooms, serving food, and working at night in my friend’s tacoyaki stand (Japanese Octopus Balls) in exchange for a tiny bit of spending money, and a ski pass.  I got in trouble for not wiping the tables down correctly, and for removing bowls too noisily… it was almost hilarious, because the owner had to call a major family meeting to figure out how to tell me to do it differently. When they told me, I said, “all you had to do was show me how you wanted it done…” because nobody explained or showed it to me. They thought that it was common sense. THAT was my introduction to the idea that common sense is only common to the person who thinks it is.

What is your favorite business book, and why?

I picked up a copy of The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber in 1996, and took it back to Japan with me. I had no idea why I was drawn to it, as I didn’t have a business at the time. I read it over and over again, and knew that if I ever had a business, I would build it according to those principles. That book has served my businesses well!

If you could have coffee with any business person (dead or alive), whom would you pick?

I would choose, more than anyone, Nelson Mandela, even though he was not a business person. He was a fantastic leader, who was able to forgive and move forward, and took an entire country with him. The impact that he created is so immense, and altered the trajectory of an entire nation. He chose love. What a legacy!

When were you the most brave? 

After my first husband committed suicide in 2009, his family sued me for 50% of pre-marital assets, an attempt at gaining control of the estate, and to gain proceeds from my business. All of which was preposterous, as there were no assets, nor an estate, and the business was mine.  They were actually within their rights on the pre-marital assets piece, as he passed without a will, and had no children… except there were no assets to be spoken of, other than some furniture that I had already let them know I was planning on sending to them. The lawsuit was filed 2 days after his memorial. The blow was devastating, and at the same time, woke me up from any pity party I may have subconsciously planned on having!  I got courageous, hired a great lawyer, and fought them. This one event was a catalyst for my life going forward. It took 6 months, and in that time I gained more confidence than I’d ever had.  The brave part came from telling them that, no, they did not have the right to kick me when I was down, and from standing up for what was right. I won. Their action unwittingly catapulted me to claiming my space in the world, taking a stand for good, and ultimately being able to stop hiding and put myself out “there,” as a business consultant, strategist, and game changer. So in this truly weird way, I’m grateful for this entire experience.

About Sherry Boyer

Sherry Boyer is an award winning business consultant, who despite having a BA in Anthropology and Japanese and zero business training, grew her dog training business into a thriving 7 figure petcare business which she works ON and not IN. She is almost 100% absentee, which allows her to focus on her passion for helping other business owners transform their companies, revenue and teams sustainably, while guiding them in their personal growth along the way. She can be found at Petcare Business Owners and Your Amazing Soul.


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