Let Them Love You

This is for those of you who are still holding back.

Who haven’t launched the business. Who have not put up that video. Who are not writing the blog posts. Who are not being themselves on twitter. Who are not hosting the event. Who haven’t started the book or created the art. Who aren’t yet consulting or coaching or teaching or dancing or speaking.

For those of you who are still hiding.

Because you don’t think of yourself as amazing as the guru or the girl who graduated from school the same day as you. Because you still have research or practice or courses to take. Because you need to learn the technology or buy a new computer or wait for the kids to start school. Because you’re not finished getting ready.

Because you don’t find yourself perfect.

Let me confirm your greatest fears.

You are not perfect.

You will make mistakes.

You will fail.

Some of what you launch will not work.

Some people will be mean.

Some people will be disappointed.

Not everyone will like you.

Yes. It sucks.


There are people out there who need you.

Who are waiting for the unique truth you have to speak, for the brilliance you are destined, you are called to bring to this world. People whom only you can help.

And yet you are hiding?

You refuse to share your gifts with the world, just because you are not perfect? Because you are human? Because you don’t have ever answer to every question even invented, because you have flaws, because you are still growing and learning yourself?

Stop wasting yourself on all that crap.

Stop thinking. Stop researching. Stop analyzing.

Stop waiting.

Reveal yourself to the world.

Share your truth, your brilliance, your message. Surrender yourself to the perhaps tiny yet unserved segment of people on earth who will passionately resonate with your every word.

Open yourself up.

And let them love you.


What are you waiting for? What’s holding you back from the thing you know you want to do, you are meant to do?

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