What Does It Mean to "Live Your Truth?"

I talk about Live Your Truth all the time (it’s even tattooed on the inside of my wrist!), and every so often someone actually asks me straight out, “what do you mean by live your truth?

As I’ve said many times, I can’t tell you what it means to live your truth.

Because it’s your truth.

Not the truth. Not my truth. Not the truth written by the gurus or dictated by institutions or governments or your parents.

But your personal truth.

Now, that’s all nice and good, but you may want a little more freaking direction than that.

I define “living your truth” in two different ways … one is the mission of my company, and other other is my personal definition & the tools I use to apply it in my life.

Live Your Truth empowers solo-entrepreneurs to make a greater contribution to the world and become more successful & fulfilled by doing what is a natural extension of who they really are.

(thanks to Ken Moorhead for yanking this out of me during a late night consulting session)

But that’s not *my* truth and it’s not *your* truth … that’s just what I’m doing here in this business.

Living my truth is about begin 100% myself 100% of the time, about speaking the things that everyone thinks but no one says, about choosing to be uncomfortable every day, about being a visible leader of this movement.

But what could Living Your Truth mean to you?

During the first weekly #lytchat (live your truth twitter chat) we discussed this very question, and here are some of the responses:

  • idance_iwrite: Actively letting go of what other’s want from you and listening to your ‘inner voice’
  • JanieC: letting the real and best you out of it’s hiding spot
  • LisaMHines: Being courteous to others, but not letting them persuade your actions, words, etc.
  • kymleeisawesome: knowing what you are & are not responsible for. not doing anything that doesn’t fit your vision for yourself
  • tarufisher: For me, #LYT is saying “no” when I mean “no”, and “yes” when I mean “yes”.
  • ACCompanyC: disregarding the “shoulds'” – or at least questioning why should I?
  • LisaMHines: LYT means staying in a centered place, honoring my true self in everything I do.
  • JanieC: getting rid of barriers, real and imagined
  • bethearle: For me it’s living my values
  • JennaAvery: Having the courage to say what I mean, mean what I say, do what I love, and love what I do, in all things.
  • bethearle: practicing outwardly what my inner self knows intuitively
  • lizschneider: keeping soul-level promises that i make to myself.
  • jaladesigns: 4 me, its simply just being myself instead of trying 2 b perfect. It’s living & operating w/ honesty, integrity & decency.
  • lorilatimer: Doing what’s right for me, not what anyone else thinks or wants
  • lizschneider: Living my truth means, “walking my talk”, speaking what I think and doing what I speak
  • truthlifecoach: It’s about honoring my core values and trusting my “gut”
  • jhaubein: Being yourself no matter what others might think of you. Staying true to your values.
  • daniellemmiller: making sure my purpose and values are not compromised by my head worrying about what others think
  • jenngbob: Living my truth means not feeling guilty for doing what I intuitively feel I should be doing right now
  • ChristineVenart: For me, living my truth means to show up as myself always, push myself past my fears, and to say the hard truth
  • kymleeisawesome: not being afraid to take that leap of faith, facing down the fear and moving forward into uncertainty
  • lorilatimer: It also means saying “no” when that’s what’s best for me – something I didn’t used to do
  • KyraHowell: Living my truth means knowing my vision and allowing that to be my life.
  • m_michael: Living my truth: Being fearless w/o recklessness
  • YourGoToGuy: Simply doing instead of worrying.
  • daniellemmiller: complete trust in my intuition and “gut”
  • chrisarcucci: speaking & living my truth with compassion and clarit
  • lorilatimer: Getting out of my head and listening to my heart/intuition
  • bethearle: not following the crowd/ marching to my own drum
  • MarySchaefer: Giving myself permission to be BIG and small and loving myself in any state

So … I’d love to hear your thoughts & ideas, by you commenting below …

… do any of these resonate with you? What do the words “live your truth” mean to you?

And, we love for you to RSVP and join us for the next Live Your Truth twitter chat (#lytchat) – it’s free and open to anyone to join (yes, to participate in the conversation you need a twitter account). See you there! 🙂

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