Entrepreneurs and small business owners are not immune to startup stress. In fact, they are far from it. In Gallup’s latest Healthways Well-Being Index, 45% of entrepreneurs report having felt stressed the previous day. That’s 3% more than the average population…and a lot of stressed business owners!

Starting your own business is hard—sometimes incredibly, frustratingly, hair-pullingly, mind-taxingly hard. But it’s also one of the most rewarding, life-opening journeys one can undertake. Entrepreneurs are able to work daily on something they deeply believe in—and that’s an incredible gift.

So how do you open yourself up to new opportunities and share your vision with the world as an entrepreneur without falling into the stress trap? We’ve curated 12 articles and resources that we and others have used to release entrepreneurial stress and keep us feeling our best.

Combating startup stress as an entrepreneur

The #1 Tip to Avoid Burnout

This one’s for all our friends out there who are trying to be SuperWoman or SuperMan! Do you take on everything and anything and end up feeling burned out and exhausted at the end of the day? You’re not alone. Joanne Ameya Cohen explains how she sees women across the country making this mistake and how to fix it.

How to Overcome Startup Stress

No entrepreneur is immune to stress. All those articles you read about a tech business going from a garage to penthouse offices at the snap of a finger? That’s not the whole story. Ask any successful entrepreneur and they’ll open up about their stress before a pitch, or sleepless nights before a big launch. Part of being a successful entrepreneur is knowing how to handle stress without letting it get the best of you. Here are four fantastic tips.

4 Tips for Living a Stress-Free Life

Stress comes from inside and out. Pinpoint the sources of your stress and then make sure your body is happy by giving it the love and nourishment it needs. Deanna Minich shares four tips for combating stress that will keep refreshed and feeling your best.

4 TED Talks to Help You Deal With Stress and Anxiety

These four TED talks, ‘How to Stay Calm When You Know You’ll Be Stressed’ from Daniel Levitin, ‘How to Make Stress Your Friend’ from Kelly McGonigal, ‘The Art of Stillness’ from Pico Iyer, and ‘All It Takes Is 10 Mindful Minutes’ from Andy Puddicombe will help you understand and address stress from multiple angles.

Office Yoga: 5 Poses To Reduce Stress And Lower Back Pain While At Work

From the Seated Double Hamstring to the Chair Spinal Twist, all five poses feel great and will leave you feeling nimbler and more relaxed at the end of the day!

9 Ways To Feel Less Stressed as an Entrepreneur

Your ambitions should be big, so big that they scare you a little. But your small daily accomplishments – things like making your bed, completing a workout, clearing out your inbox, cooking yourself dinner – these are the things that will help you tackle your dreams with confidence. Take care of yourself by remembering that the little things you do today are just as vital as the big things you will do tomorrow.” – from Melyssa Griffin.

10 Practical Ways to Handle Stress

Unfortunately, there are times when we’ll feel stressed, despite our best efforts to the contrary. What can we do when the stress monster comes to get us? Try out these 10 practical tips on how to handle stress.

The Quiet Ecstasy of Feeling Your Normal

One from our archives: Feeling out of sync with the world around you? Not feeling like ‘you’––the full expression of yourself––is exhaustingly stressful. Don’t let others dictate who and what you should be. Instead, embrace the quiet ecstasy of feeling your weirdness, and embrace it!

Especially for Introverts

Introverts experience and handle stress in unique ways. Here are four stress-relieving tips just for our introvert and INFJ tribes!

Introverts: Managing stress in an extroverted workplace

Are you an introvert expected to wear ‘extrovert’ as your business attire? We’ve been there––and we know just how exhausting it can be! Thankfully, there are steps you can take to ease the strain, and still hit the ball out of the park.

An Introvert’s Guide To Surviving (And Thriving) In The Workplace

The new trend in workplaces in America is to emphasize extroverted interactions (think open-concept offices). For many people that is great! For us introverts, however, it can fray at our quiet-seeking nerves, and add stress to an already sometimes stressful place. How can we not only survive, but thrive in these new workplaces? Susan Cain gives us five excellent tips.

INFJ anxiety and stress

Along with the myriad of incredible traits that come with being an INFJ (think creativity, deep insight and natural ability to read people), there often comes a propensity for anxiety. Luckily (maybe because of that deep inner insight!), us INFJs recognize our anxiety and can take steps to combat it. Try these exercises the next time you feel that gnawing anxiety take hold.

INFJ Stress: Caging Mr. Hyde

Too much stress has a weird effect on INFJs. It can cause us to morph from the gentle, outward-looking souls we are into scarier beings. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to happen. Follow these tips to manage stress, tried and tested by real life INFJs like you and me.

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