Five years ago, Elizabeth Potts Weinstein set out to start a remote small business to help small business owners like herself and to fit her lifestyle.

Check out Elizabeth’s feature in the Wall Street Journal’s How to Build a Business That Fits Your Lifestyle. Today, EPW Small Business Law continues to help entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, consultants, and online publishers get the legal stuff out of their way so they can focus on helping their clients and doing good work in the world.

We operate as a small team with home bases in California and Colorado.

And sometimes we travel and work from three different continents! To celebrate our five year anniversary, here’s a look back at five key blog posts since 2012.

From legal how-tos to tips on running a remote small business, these blog posts reflect our commitment to creating a smart and flexible business. 

We hope these resources help you in your small business journey. Here’s to the next five years!

1. Is Your Virtual Assistant an Independent Contractor, or an Employee? Status: It’s Complicated

Yes, I know, you and your virtual assistant (VA) have a contract stating that they are an independent contractor. But under U.S. law that contract may be irrelevant. Here are the most important factors of whether someone is an independent contractor or an employee, usually considered by the various courts and agencies involved.

2. Sorry, Your LLC Might Not Protect You—7 Ways to Fix It

It’s true there may not be many formal requirements under state laws regarding Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). But if you get sued, you will want a paper trail making it undebatable that your LLC is a legitimate business, separate from your person, and it should be liable for its own debts and obligations. Here are the 7 things you need to do to honor the separate entity of your LLC so it actually protects you if you get sued.

3. Do You Know the 5 Types of Intellectual Property?

Pop quiz! What are the 5 types of Intellectual Property? “Intellectual Property” (IP) are those assets of a business that are intellectual–in other words, not physical–such as copyrights, patents, and trademarks. Memorize these five types so you can ask the right questions & learn how to make decisions to protect your creations.

4. 4 Tips for Running a Business from 3 Continents

At EPW Small Business Law, we are actively creating a culture that encourages remote work and robust life choices. We often all work from different countries (last year, it was France, Colombia, and the U.S.!). It’s a great lifestyle but can take some planning and preparation. Here are some of our top tips for running a remote small business.

5. Business Overseas? How to Navigate Legal Matters in the Age of International Digital Small Business!

According to Small Business Trends publications, nearly 60% of small businesses are doing business overseas with international clients. How exciting is that?! However, there are certain legal matters you need to know about before taking your business overseas. What are they? Find out by chatting with Elizabeth! (See Quick Call below.)

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