Our Causes

No company can achieve success alone–EPW is supported by everyone who refers a new client, gives us an opportunity to appear on a podcast or in an article, shares one of our resources with their tribe, or simply has a wonderful conversation with us on social media!

So each year, on Giving Tuesday (in November), we give thanks for this support by “giving back” to the causes selected by the members of our team, as listed below:

Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, Founder & Lead Attorney

2017 selection – Advancement Project

“Founded by a team of veteran civil rights lawyers in 1999, Advancement Project uses the same high-quality legal analysis and public education campaigns that produced the landmark civil rights victories of earlier eras.”

Operating in California and nationally, the organization provides direct, hands-on support for organized communities in their struggles for racial and social justice, providing legal, communications and campaign organizing resources for on-the-ground efforts while assisting in building their own capacity and power in their communities.

2016 selection – Kivakiva supporter

I joined Kiva ten years ago (August 2006) because helping people in poverty-stricken areas start or grow a business makes a radical difference in the lives of not just the business owners, but entire disadvantaged families and communities. By sharing small amounts of capital, we empower others to change their own lives, thereby efficiently leveraging the money and creating local wealth. Kiva lowers the transaction costs of providing capital, so the loans can be given out at smaller fees to more people.

Over the years, I have been able to help over a hundred entrepreneurs in more than thirty countries grow their businesses. It is amazing to see the diversity of stories, projects, and people! Here is my lender profile so you can see how it works and potentially join in supporting entrepreneurs worldwide. (EPW’s contribution will go both towards Kiva the non-profit as well as towards providing additional Kiva loans.) 

Erika Yost Kumar, Business Manager & Strategist

2016 & 2017 selectionOrangutan Outreach

Wildlife is my passion and I follow dozens of impactful organizations in many parts of the world. It is tough to pick one, but orangutans make my heart melt and Orangutan Outreach is doing fantastic work via multiple rescue and rehabilitation projects.

Orangutan Outreach

Endangered species are symbolic of the complex challenges we face on a planet where more humans are competing for fewer resources and unethical industries continue to devastate wilderness and our climate. Orangutans in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra are being driven to extinction as their forest homes are burned down to make way for palm oil plantations. Palm oil is found in countless consumer products including shampoo and ice cream. In 2015 the cumulative CO2 emissions from these fires exceeded the total annual emissions of major countries like Brazil.

Everything is truly connected!

Katie Browning, Online Community Manager

2017 selection – Fundación E2E

From Katie: “They do great work in Medellín (and in Colombia more broadly), and I’d love to give back to the great city and country that gave me so much.”

E2E is a lean, innovative non-profit based in Medellín, Colombia. E2E’s mission is to generate positive impacts by bridging the gaps between the corporate and developing worlds. By partnering across sectors the organization provides access to resources, knowledge and measurable outcomes that bring together a range of stakeholders to maximize mutually beneficial relationships between business and society.

2016 selection – Global Greengrants FundGlobal Green Grants

Global Greengrants Fund supports community and women-led projects in the developing world that make the world safer, healthier, and more just. Greengrants is the leading environmental fund that supports grassroots action on a global scale. Basically, they give micro-grants to community groups and/or activists who are working on issues like granting land rights to indigenous communities threatened by palm oil exploitation, or teaching farmers in Tanzania organic spice farming techniques.

I interned with Greengrants one summer during college, and found it to be a fantastic organization with passionate, highly capable people. They support truly world-changing programs on a small scale, which I think goes well with what we do here at EPW: helping others change the world!


Logo/photos are copyrighted and are used with permission from Kiva, Orangutan Outreach, and Global Greengrants Fund.