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Paperbell, Online Coaching Software (guest post)
August 2020
Use These Terms and Conditions to Keep The Drama Out of Your Coaching Business

Rebel Therapist with Annie Schuessler (podcast)
July 2020
Legal Matters with Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

Brilliance at Work with Michelle Barry Franco (podcast)
May 2020
Legally Protecting Your Brilliant Ideas with Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

Virtual Worldschooling Summit (presenter, access requires login)
February 2020
Stay Legal and Location Independent

KTVU-Fox2 (television interview)
July 2019
Silicon Valley attorney says FaceApp privacy agreement “could mean anything”

The Washington Post (article interview)
July 2019
Panic over Russian company’s FaceApp is a sign of new distrust of the Internet

BBC News (mention)
July 2019
Can you trust FaceApp with your face?

USA Today (mention)
July 2019
Using FaceApp to age your photos may be fun, but you could be giving up your privacy

The Hill (mention)
July 2019
Viral photo-aging tool FaceApp sparks privacy concerns

HuffPost (mention)
July 2019
If You Installed FaceApp, You Should Be Aware Of Its Privacy Policy

Compass with Kathryn Hunter (podcast)
February 2019
Elizabeth Potts Weinstein. Small Business Attorney: Episode 5

Rebel + Connect, Custom Retreats for Remote Teams (guest post)
July 2018
Key Legal Choices for Remote Companies – How to Decide Where to “Locate” Your Location Independent Business

Introvert, Dear with Jenn Granneman and Bo Miller (podcast)
July 2018
Why Introverts Are Attracted to Entrepreneurship (and How to Get Started)

Work at Home Success Virtual Summit with Leslie Truex (virtual summit)
January 2018
Small Business Legal Topics/Remote Work

The Brand New You Show with Ryan Rhotan (podcast)
August 2017
Trademarks and Copyrights … Oh My

Nathalie Lussier’s AccessAlly (guest post)
August 2017
3 Quick Legal Tips for Online Entrepreneurs: Stay Compliant So You Can Focus On The Fun Stuff

Nomadtopia (podcast)
July 2017
Elizabeth Potts Weinstein: Legal Matters for Nomads

Collaboration Superpowers with Lisette Sutherland (podcast)
Stories of Remote Teams Doing Great Things
April 2017
Plan Your Legal Strategies

The Zapier Blog (featured quote)
March 2017
The 7 Biggest Remote Work Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

Successful Business News (featured quote)
February 2017
Keeping the lines of succession open

Side Hustle Nation (podcast)
December 2016
Episode 204: Your Side Hustle Legal Questions Answered, with Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

Anywhere, Anywhen – The Art of Remote Working (podcast)
November 2016
Episode 14: Legal Strategies for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs, with Elizabeth Weinstein

Fundera (featured quote)
October 2016
20 Effective Tips to Achieve Work-Life Balance, Straight from Entrepreneurs

Business Rescue Roadmap (podcast)
June 2016
Episode 58: You Need a Niche, with Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

vCita (Guest Post)
November 2015
3 Legal Questions Every New Business Needs to Ask

WealthCounsel: 90 Minutes with Mentors (webinar, behind a paywall)
November 2015
“Photos & Logos, Copyrights & Trademarks: Intellectual Property and Marketing Your Business Online”

Work-At-Home Success Podcast #368
September 2015
Interview with Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, Small Business Attorney

Accelerate Your Business Growth with Diane Helbig
September 2015
Essential Legal Steps to Setup Your New Small Business

Del Willaims on Blab
September 2015
Startup Law 101

August 2015
31 Content Marketing Experts Share Their #1 Tips and Best Practices for Effective Content Curation

Solo Smarts Podcast #119 (Kelly McCausey)
July 2015
Why would a Solopreneur consider forming an LLC?

The American Genius
July 2015
Which productivity tools are actually used by entrepreneurs today?

July 2015
Embracing a Free Range Business and Lifestyle

The Wall Street Journal
May 2015
How to Build a Business That Fits Your Lifestyle: For these entrepreneurs, the priority wasn’t just profits, but how they wanted to live

Business Insanity Talk Radio: AM560 WIND (Chicago)
May 2015
#328 Five Timeless Lessons, Leading with GRIT, Software Recommendations, Preventing Legal Problems

Clarity Live (webinar, behind a paywall)
May 2015
Startup Legal 101: 5 Things to Consider As You Launch Your Company

The Story Exchange
April 2015
Elizabeth Potts Weinstein of EPW Small Business Law PC: A Small Business Attorney Takes Care of the Legal Nitty-Gritty So Entrepreneurs Can Focus on the Creative

The Jibber Jabber Show (Podcast)
April 2015
“You can live your truth & be yourself in any profession (even your old one).” – TJJS Ep 10

Legal Productivity (Rocket Matter)
March 2015
How Lawyers Use Twitter

February 2015
Experts Weigh In: What is your favorite entrepreneur tool?

January 2015
Is It Legal to Use Media Logos on Your Website?

Small Business Optimizer Podcast (Melanie Benson Strick)
January 2015
Copyrights Made Simple with Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

December 2014
Small Business Tax Tips for First-Time Employers

October 2014
15 Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Advice

Swim With Jim Podcast
September 2014
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Dirty Footprints Studio (Connie Solera)
Fall 2014
Creative Circles Guidebook

Indie Business Network
September 2014
Success Call: How to Protect Your Interest in Digital Collaborative Ventures

The Zen Professional
July 2014
The Problem with “Virtual Assistants”

Brilliant Business Moms Podcast
August 2014
030: Legal Tips and How to Design Your Life with Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, the Lawyerpreneur

Unconventional Guides (Chris Guillebeau)
December 2013
The Unconventional Guide to Law & Order

December 2013
7 Legal To-Do’s for Small Businesses on Day One

December 2013
The Most Important Thing You’re Not Doing to Start 2014: Instead of setting goals for 2014, do this.

April 2013
How to Protect Your Kids’ Digital Photos Online

March 2013
Contracts Shmontracts: Why Getting It in Writing is the Best Legal Protection for Your Business by @ElizabethPW