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being a human

Tips for You! 5 Lessons We Gleaned from Our Small Business Last Year about Being a Human.

What are some aspects of being a human in a small business ecosystem? Looking at the big picture in our annual review, Elizabeth and I came to understand five lessons. These topics go beyond small business management or legal topics, into general lessons about being a human. Here’s wishing you all the calm and capable “I […]

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Small Business Software

Small Business Software: Check Out 12 Services We LOVE (or Like) After 6 Years of Testing. Use This List to Build & Systematize Your Digital Small Business Too!

We are celebrating six years in business! Check out the 5 evergreen practices we revealed on our 5th birthday: self-awareness, core values, compatibility/client fit, systems, and experiments. This post combines systems + experiments. In 6 years we have tested a bunch of small business software to help run our cloud-based legal services business. We cancel […]

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Small Business Budget

Small Business Budget: Trim Your Software Overhead!

To keep your small business budget light and clutter-free, minimize your software overhead! Auditing Your Small Business Budget The boom of subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) in recent years has opened up countless affordable services for efficient small business operations, but once your collection of services grows, the monthly total can add up to […]

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small business personality types

Small Business Personality Types: Are You a Startup-y Type Person?

Are there only a few specific small business personality types? Of course not. There are many personality types that can be successful.   Yet, Some Studies Point to Specific Types Just like there are many startup personality types, there are multiple personality type assessments and not just the well-known Myers-Briggs (MBTI). For example, the Kolbe […]

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business overseas

Business Overseas? How to Navigate Legal Matters in the Age of International Digital Small Business!

It’s an exciting time to be a small business owner doing business overseas. According to Small Business Trends publications, nearly 60% of small businesses are doing business overseas with international clients. At the same time, the Remote-Nomadic-Hustle trend is on the rise, creating a new culture with abundant lifestyle possibilities. We Practice What We Preach […]

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Wendy Witt

Wendy Witt, Founder of A Million Families™– a social enterprise & estate planning service

This is our 13th Client Spotlight, where we share interesting facts and stories about our entrepreneurial clients. Be sure to check out our previous spotlight and learn about Stacy Mayer, Authentic Leadership Coach and Facilitator, who shares her passions for improv, Tony Robbins, and India! – It has been a pleasure to support our client Wendy […]

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Brandscaping is Crucial for Your Digital Small Business. Learn Why!

Welcome to our 4th Small Business Book Club, where our team identifies key takeaways from a book that enhance small business operations, strategy, or marketing. Check out our last review, with tips to lively up your business writing, inspired by Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes.   What is Brandscaping? Brandscaping, according to Andrew M. Davis’s book […]

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