What are some aspects of being a human in a small business ecosystem?

Looking at the big picture in our annual review, Elizabeth and I came to understand five lessons. These topics go beyond small business management or legal topics, into general lessons about being a human.

Here’s wishing you all the calm and capable “I got this” feelings in the new year! To support you here is a quick list of five tips to take you into having a peaceful and productive future:

Being a Human with Boundaries

Tip #1: Remember to honor your own boundaries. Establishing energetic boundaries with other people in your work or personal life is one thing. Creating and maintaining boundaries with yourself is another. We have all kicked ourselves at some point, thinking “I told myself I wouldn’t do that again!”

Elizabeth created a video series on Business Boundaries that includes a video with tips on how to care for yourself by sustaining your own boundaries.

Being a Human Unitasker (Even better than being a unicorn!)

Tip #2: Do one thing at a time. Do it well. Then move on to something else. This is true over the course of a day, from hour to hour. It is also true when looking at big picture projects. So-called “multitasking” has come under much-deserved scrutiny in recent years.

Caveat: There is privilege in this recommendation. For example, someone who commutes, struggles financially, cares for family members, etc. truly may not have the luxury of saying no to heavy switch-tasking.

Being a Human who Seeks Simplicity, but Recognizes Complexity

Tip #3: Putting people into categories is tricky. Limited. And possibly risky. I was reminded of this recently when I made assumptions about someone who is an INTP personality type like I am. While I may have a few similarities with another INTP and it can feel a bit like a common language, it is not!

The same was true when we experimented with categories for our clients in our Airtable database. While there may be similarities among some clients in terms of their business type, etc., there are so many other differences from human to human that anything beyond simplistic baseline categories is impossible.

Being a Human who Slows Down Before Reacting

Tip #4: If you are feeling interpersonally violated in some way, stop and have a cup of tea. There can be a fine line where someone who is feeling bullied can start essentially bullying the other party in turn. If you are human, you have probably done this to some degree, at some point. Considering whether you have done this is a terrific self-awareness lesson.

Further to the “have a cup of tea” mentality, check out some terrific tips on shifting your thoughts about something that feels horrible initially in Dr. Michelle Mazur’s podcast/blog episode: “Cultivating a Mindset that allows you to Make your Impact.”

Being a Human who Takes Deep Care of Business

Tip #5 Preventive healthcare makes sense. Preventive legal care makes sense too! We like to help people avoid tricky and energy draining legal headaches. Because who has time for avoidable problems? 

We can help! Not every human has a risk management mindset, but our General Counsel service is designed with risk management in mind, to help operations flow smoothly in your small business. This program is tailored for companies who have been in business for a few years, have some support staff (contractors or employees), and are ready to go back through their structure and processes to up-level them for their next stage of growth. 


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