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Posts about Legal Issues for Small Businesses

What To Do If You Get a Cease & Desist Letter: Have a Cup of Tea.
Hiring an Unpaid Intern? You’re Probably Breaking the Law. Oops.
Did you get it in writing? Here’s why you need contracts in all your business relationships.
Is Your Virtual Assistant an Independent Contractor, or an Employee? Status: It’s Complicated.
Who Owns Your Content? What You Give Away When You Post Your Stuff Online.
Do you need a U.S. Federal Tax ID number or EIN for your small business?
Do You Sell Products or Services in Another Country? Welcome to the Legal Morass of International Business

Most Viewed Posts – Live Your Truth

55 Things to Accept Right Now.
Everything or Nothing: An Ode to the INFJ
The reason why EPW is MIA…
How to be Alone on a Holiday.
Speaking, Bullsh*t, and Billionaires: Post-#Shine Wrap Up pt 2
The “Marketing Funnel” Business Model Sucks
Do Things Happen for a Reason?
My Fake Friends (Guest Post by Allison Nazarian)
How to Seduce Me
Skype, Starbucks & Skin Grafts: 11 Strategies to Find Friends in Fantasyland
You Allow The Moment.
Don’t Feed the Trolls

Most Commented Posts – Live Your Truth (in addition to those listed above)

Making the Commitment to Signposts & Sh*t Piles
The Many Ways in Which I Suck
The Truth About Vegas, or What I Did in 2009
The Truth I’m Not Speaking (Updated)
The Real Reason I’m Moving to San Francisco
The *Real* Reason Video is Hard.
I’m Not Sorry About Selling.
The Lies That Happen At 1:30 AM
There Is No Done.
Harry Potter, Brownies, and the Bitch in the Corner

Posts That Were Turning Points on my Journey (in addition to those listed above)

Perfectly Formed Letters & Weeping Utterly Alone
In Response to Drama, Trolls, and Inadequate Baristas
Another Parable of a Spoon
Let Them Love You
The Many Ways in Which I’m Awesome
18 Again (or, the post wherein I say the f word four times)
The Book, the Unfinishededs, and the King Size Crunch Bar Cluttering My Head.
twenty-eight days: misplacing my voice and other reasons to pick up a pen
Goals Suck!
Divorce is Weird.

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