When do you feel at your best? What makes you feel productive and happy? Who are your ideal clients? How can YOU thrive and be of service to others?

Here is the third video in the 10 part Business Boundaries series on Do Your Best Work …

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Here is the pdf guide mentioned in the video and below is the full transcript:

Day 3: Do Your Best Work Today on day three, we want to talk about thinking more positive than complaining, even though that was just data. Today we’re going to talk about what are the circumstances that set you up to do your best work. What are the circumstances where you can show up as your best self? As the best version of who you are. This is huge, because wouldn’t it be great if we could all show up as our best selves all the time, and do our best work, and be the best version of ourselves. What do you need in your life? What do you need in your business? What circumstances work for that? What we’re going to be doing is tracking when do you feel joyful? Overflowing? When do you feel excited that you have contributed to something? That you feel capable. That you’ve really helped people.

When do you feel important? When do you feel happy? What are the circumstances that set that up? I don’t just mean what happened or what you did. That you had a coaching session with your client. That you finished this project for that other client. That you sold that stuff. That you helped your sister with something. I’m not talking about the what. I’m talking about the how? What was happening before, and after, and during the circumstances? I’m going to give you an example of, “How can I write the best contract?” Because I’m a lawyer, right? I’m drafting contracts for people. What are the circumstances where, when I’m drafting this contract for someone, I actually enjoy it, right? Because, yeah, I could just do it and go through the wrote mechanism of drafting a contract. But I want to enjoy the work I do. Here are some things that go into the circumstances of when I have an experience of drafting a good contract, and being joyful and happy about it. I need to have gotten enough sleep and not be exhausted.

I need to not be starving hungry, or need to use the restroom, or need water. I need to have the basic things in place. I need to not have pain somewhere in my body. [Chuckles] I need to address those things before I can really have a great contract come out of me. So, about the contract itself or the client themselves. It needs to be a client who I respect. In the best case, that I actually like them. I want to have clients where I feel appreciated and they’re going to thank me. I like to be thanked. [laughs] It helps my enjoyment in being able to show up and do my best work. I want to get paid, right? When I’m paid in a way that’s definitely enough, then I don’t feel resentful. Then I feel joyful about doing the work. Also, specifically about drafting a contract, it needs to be drafted in a way that’s congruent with my own values, and my integrity on how I think legal things should be done.

If someone wanted me to draft a contract that I thought was unethical, maybe…I also wouldn’t do anything illegal. But, even if it was something that I thought was too close to crossing that line, that uncomfortableness would make me not able to do my best work, and also make it suck for me. Your assignment today is to track what circumstances happen for you to show up and do your best work. For you to be able to show up as your best self. A lot of that is going to be prep work. It’s going to be about sleeping and eating, and energy levels. Do you need to exercise? Do you need to have done your meditation? and.. Do you need to have certain religious spiritual observations you’ve had ahead of time? Certain physical things you need to do.

Do you need the environment that you’re in to be a certain way? To do your best work? It could be things afterwards that you needed to have happened for it to be your best experience. I need my clients to send me a message saying, “Thank you for this.” It doesn’t even need to be something long, necessarily. I actually wanted to just know it didn’t like disappear. [laughs] In a perfect world, I am the most joyful when I have clients who actually implement the stuff. When I have occasionally someone where I’ve done work for them, and then I see six months later they haven’t implemented anything that I’ve done. I’m just like, “Hmm.” You know? It’s disappointing, right? For any of you who have clients, you may feel like you want clients who are going to actually implement your stuff. That’s part of what makes it joyful to you. You may have things about the time of the day.

You may show up and do your best work at 7:00 AM or 2:00 PM. Or 7:00 PM or midnight, right? Who? What kinds of people do you work best with? There may be certain people with certain attitudes, or certain ways of being, that just do not work for you. As clients or as employees. Or as vendors, or as friends. [laughs] Or as family members. Or they only work in some ways and not in others.So, start tracking all those different things. By the way, what we’ve been working on for these three days are not things that you’re going to just track and then be done with it, OK? These are things that you will keep tracking probably forever, because you’ll refine it more and more.

Just like I was saying how it used to be that I would let clients schedule 24 hours in advance. It’s just been the last week where I changed that because I realized I wasn’t able to do my best work. Because I had this anxiety resentment weird thing that happened. I was like, “Why am I having resentment for someone scheduling a phone call with me? Oh, because I only had 24 hours’ notice.” This is something you’re going to keep tweaking as time goes on. You do not need to get it perfect. This is just your current first draft, especially if you haven’t been tracking this stuff before. Then next time, we’re going to start using all this stuff, and really get into defining your boundaries. Specifically tomorrow, we’re going to be talking about defining containers of your business itself. See you then. Bye bye

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