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Business Overseas? How to Navigate Legal Matters in the Age of International Digital Small Business!

It’s an exciting time to be a small business owner doing business overseas. According to Small Business Trends publications, nearly 60% of small businesses are doing business overseas with international clients. At the same time, the Remote-Nomadic-Hustle trend is on the rise, creating a new culture with abundant lifestyle possibilities. We Practice What We Preach […]

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Who Owns Employee Social Media Accounts-

Who Owns Employee Social Media Accounts?

Almost half the states (including California) have laws either stating that employers cannot ask employees for access to their personal social media accounts, or somehow restricting employers from gathering social media employee information (see a list of states here; plus the newly passed law in Maine). But of course, it’s not quite that simple … […]

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Self-Actualized … Or Not? Doing Business Old-School.

Some people can get away with no contracts and no corporations for decades of business, while other people implode in litigation. What’s the difference? Related PostsDo Business in Other Countries? Contracts for Int’l Biz: EPW Live 008 10 Days to Business Boundaries: Day 6–Contracts and Other Policies Avoiding Mistakes With Your LLC: EPW Live 003

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3 steps to copyright

How to Register a Copyright

So you think you want to register a copyright over your creative works? First, lets start with the basics—what is a copyright? A copyright is the bundle of rights (to sell, license, reproduce, display, print, publish, perform, or record) over a creative work, including literary, artistic, or musical works. A copyright is NOT a trademark (image, symbol, […]

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