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You Are Mom Enough.

There is a reason we moms are so susceptible to the shoulds of motherhood, to being judged and criticized for every choice we make as parents. And that fundamental reason holds us back, obscuring the truth about our value as mothers. Being a mom isn’t about how much stuff we do, those choices that we make. Being a mom is about […]

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The Ebb of Absent.

Yep, you haven’t imagined it. I kind of disappeared. Not from everywhere. You can still find me posting pictures of shadows and coffee and Gracie in a tree on Instagram, and occasionally commenting in the INFJ Facebook group. But as far as blogging, podcasting, videos, emails, twitter … I’ve been gone. Well. Not exactly gone. […]

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“Good day so far?” To questions such as this, I like to answer “yes, it’s great!” or at least “sure, of course!” or something equally enthusiastic … as if pronouncing my day as going amazingly well will mean that it actually is fairies and chocolate and wet sand between my toes. But today is not. […]

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How to be alone-Twitter

How to be Alone on a Holiday.

Tomorrow, on the American Thanksgiving, I won’t be waking up in a house full of people, smelling a turkey baking in an oven, looking forward to a day of friends or family or football watching or stuffing myself with an abundance of gravy-covered dishes and whippped-cream covered desserts until I pass out in a lazy-boy. […]

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