This is our 11th Client Spotlight, where we share interesting facts and stories about our entrepreneurial clients. Be sure to check out our previous spotlight and learn about Marta Abel, Fulfillment Coach, who talks about her passion for the study of Emotional Intelligence, her favorite personality testing tool, and the “robust aroma of fresh basil”!

It has been a pleasure to support our client Annie Schuessler with the legal aspects of her coaching business that helps therapists to grow their businesses. Annie shares her fascination with the power of small groups, the future of therapy, and a 19th century female entrepreneur.

Were you born an entrepreneur?

Yes! I created an extensive bookkeeping system for my babysitting gigs as a kid. I’ve always been fascinated by micro-businesses and what makes some entrepreneurs succeed while others stall out.

How have you found knowing your personality type to be helpful in your business?

I tend to be quiet and observant, and I don’t talk much until I think I’ve really got something useful to say. I’ve tailored all of my coaching programs to take advantage of that. I work with small groups so that I can facilitate without being loud. I use my observation skills to gather tons of information about my clients and their businesses, then I help them articulate who they are and what they do in compelling ways.

What do you think businesses will look like in 20 years?

I work with therapists, so therapy practices are the businesses I think about the most. I think the one-on-one in-person session will still be going strong in 20 years, but I think other kinds of services will also be more prevalent, like therapy over video, online wellness courses, workshops and marathon sessions. I think more and more clients will be looking for niched experts.

What is your favorite business book, and why?

My favorite business book right now is “Profit First” by Mike Michalowicz. He encourages business owners to structure their businesses to give them a profit right away. I’ve been using the system and loving it. I meet with an accountability buddy who also follows the profit first system, so we keep each other on track.

If you could have coffee with any business person (dead or alive), whom would you pick?

I would have coffee with Madam CJ Walker. She was one of the first black women in the U.S. to become a millionaire over a hundred years ago by developing an African-American haircare line. She used her wealth and visibility to help other women in her community build wealth as well. I’d love to ask her how she created her vision.

Describe your favorite setting for work: home, traditional office, coworking, coffee shop, or something else … and why?

I love working from home! Whenever I’m on a Skype call, my dog is sitting on my lap and I have a cup of strong tea. I love cooking my own hot meals three times a day and walking my dog whenever I want to. I’ve learned to tune out possible chores and other distractions during work hours.

About Annie: Annie Schuessler, of, is a business consultant just for therapists. She helps therapists grow their private practices into unique, successful, and profitable businesses. She shows therapists how to articulate their value and their unique gifts so that they can bring in clients authentically. She’s the founder and facilitator of the course The Superpower Method For Therapists®. Annie is based in San Francisco and works with therapists all over the U.S. You can find Annie on Facebook and Twitter

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