Liz LockardThis is the third post in our Client Spotlight series, where we share fun facts and stories from our wonderful enterpreneur clients. Be sure to check out last month’s Spotlight of Nathalie Lussier, and learn about the smell that makes her productive.

Liz Lockard is a marketing expert, specializing in Google Analytics and SEO (and unlike many SEO people out there, she knows what she is doing). This is our second year of working together on her business. Here are her fun facts! 🙂

What color, sound, or smell helps you be calm and productive?

I really like the “ambient noise” radio stations available on apps like Songza or even Coffitivity now. They’re especially helpful when there’s a lot of street noise out the window of my at-home office.

What’s the strangest job you’ve ever had?

Probably knocking on doors to solicit house painting prospects. Also the hardest (doesn’t that make you want to go ICK?!). Best part: it taught me that all sales conversations are just a numbers game — meaning that a no isn’t as personal as it may feel.

What do you think businesses will look like in 100 years?

I hope we’re all co-working in office spaces that look like the Jetsons. Although I’ll settle for hoverboards around the co-working space 🙂

What is your favorite business book, and why?

I really enjoyed the $100 Startup — there was one particular game-changer line in there for me — about giving your customers the fish instead of teaching them how. That was the point where I started handing over strategies in the form of next steps with my 1-on-1 SEO clients rather than giving them the tools to develop them themselves. And of course, that was incredibly well-received.

What’s the weirdest or most surprising skill you possess?

I’m really good at virtual skateboarding. And by virtual, I mean competing against people in the Tony Hawk Playstation 2 game. I was terrible at most video games growing up (I have 4 brothers so we played a lot) – but for some reason I’m a natural at skateboarding video games.

About Liz: Liz Lockard is an analytics and conversion nut who loves helping small businesses get more of the right kind of traffic and turn more of that traffic into subscribers and sales. She’s been featured in the New York Times, Social Media Examiner, Design*Sponge, The Rise to The Top and more. You can find her on Twitter as @lizlockard or on the web at

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