Have you thought of creating a digital lifestyle business to get out of the office & on the road?

The Wall Street Journal featured our founder Elizabeth Potts Weinstein in How to Build a Business That Fits Your Lifestyle. Regarding this growing type of entrepreneur, Barbara Haislip wrote:

“Instead of starting a company and shaping their life around it—working as long and as hard as the business demands—they start a company to fit the kind of life they want to lead…these entrepreneurs come up with creative ways to tap technology and set boundaries to do justice both to the business and their personal needs.”

At EPW Small Business Law we are a nontraditional, online law firm that helps others to start their own businesses through a targeted mix of legal services.

Elizabeth created this business to build flexibility for herself and her employees, and she helps her entrepreneurial clients do the same!

Here are 5 perks of starting a digital lifestyle business:


1. Deeper time with people you love / no time wasted commuting.

For Elizabeth, the ability to homeschool her kid has been a big perk of running a digital lifestyle business. As a business manager & strategist, working for digital companies has allowed me to spend more time with my aging parents, on their home turf in Massachusetts, or even accompanying my mom on extended stays in France since she can no longer travel alone. Long commutes? Nope. No more of that stress-inducing madness.

2. Life is short and the world is huge.

Call it being a working nomad. A digital nomad. Location-independent. Working remotely or virtually. The Remote-Nomadic-Hustle or whatever term you prefer. Take your work to any coffee shop. On the road. Or across the ocean. An online business may be your ticket to make your dreams of traveling abroad come true.

3. Even if you stay home, you can do business around the globe.

A traditional brick-and-mortar business typically has customers from a radius of the location. A digital business is a more natural entity to market to a global audience because it exists online. Anyone can go there! Here are some legal insights from Elizabeth on being an International Digital Small Business.

4. Free technology = low entry point.

In the cloud computing economy, you can run every aspect of a business with a mix of software services. For small or solo businesses, many services offer free starter versions, which means startup costs can be very basic.

5. Pursuing your passions.

Do you have a hobby-business that is gaining momentum and starting to make money? It’s a great time to make your passion project a legit business. And the most beautiful perk of starting a digital lifestyle business? You CREATED it, you’re the boss, and the business encompasses things that you LOVE! Listen to Elizabeth address legal questions in a chat with Nick Loper at Side Hustle Nation.

Looking for ideas for businesses to start? You may get some inspiration from listening to Chris Guillebeau’s Side Hustle School.

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