More and more businesses are exploring the benefits of distance working – the flexible lifestyle, the lack of commute, the ability to work from anywhere in the world. Starting a remote business, hiring, and managing a remote team comes with unique challenges for a remote entrepreneur.

As a fully remote team ourselves, we celebrate our distance working lifestyles and have worked hard to put in place systems that work for us and our business needs. We’ve curated 17 of our favorite articles that explore the benefits of distance working and how you can make it work for your business and team.  

Hiring the right team

Going Virtual: Hiring the Right Team for Remote Work Recruiting and managing a remote team presents unique challenges and opportunities. Try these three tips when you’re screening new potential hires to your distance team.

Mobile Workforce Management: Hiring Remote Employees Remote employees should be self-motivated, accountable, and unafraid to ask for help. Why these traits are so important––and how to interview for them.  

Managing a remote team

Why I Trust My Remote Team Completely (And What To Do If You Don’t Trust Yours) If you hire people who love their work and give them the tools they need to do it, trusting your team will never become an issue. CEO Laura Roeder explains what she does to enable her remote team to thrive.

Distributed Teams Don’t Have to Be Asynchronous Teams The 18 person team at MeetEdgar work from their homes all across the country, but they all follow a similar schedule. Their founder explains why this synchronicity is so important to their team.

How We Tackled the Biggest Problems In Our Remote Team Working with people you almost never see can be tricky. The team at MeetEdgar shares some of the toughest challenges remote teams face––and how they solved them.

How to Resolve Conflict on Virtual Teams Conflicts arise in any work environment, but solving them on virtual teams presents unique challenges. As a manager of a remote team, knowing how to resolve conflicts that may arise and (even better) how to nip them in the bud is vital.  

Structuring your distance working lifestyle

4 Reasons to Start an Online Business in 2017! Here at EPW we’ve created a business that offers flexibility in our own lives and helps us meet our lifestyle needs. If you’re not already convinced, here are four reasons why you should consider starting an online business in 2017.

4 Tips for Running a Business from 3 Continents As a remote business, working across borders presents unique challenges. Here are 4 tips that we use here at EPW to work as a digital nomad team.

The Right Mental Attitude for Remote Entrepreneurs While we’re not sure there’s any ‘right’ attitude for remote entrepreneurs, checking to see if you vibe with these seven personality traits is a good first step before diving headfirst into the world of remote entrepreneurism.

How to Live and Work Anywhere One of the tricks to living and working anywhere is having a game plan before you jet off. Nathalie shares how she set up her online business to facilitate her digital nomad lifestyle.

How to Simulate the Office Online There are many wonderful things about distance working. But if you sometimes miss chatting with your co-workers over your first cup of joe, you’re not alone. Try these tips to simulate the best of the office environment with your remote team.

Why You Should “Fake a Commute” When Working From Home Yes, one of the best things about working for home is not needing to commute. But…have you tried “fake commuting”? Check out this video!

Why I work remotely (hint: it has nothing to do with productivity). The freedom to embrace the interruptions that come with working from home is one of its most beautiful benefits. A reminder of why working remotely is such a special opportunity.

Podcast: An Ongoing Escape from Corporate Helene Schmit shares what it takes to escape from the corporate world and how she’s finding a fulfilling life on this Happy Melly podcast.

The Digital Nomad Life: Combining Work and Travel Employees who work remotely 3-4 days a week are the most engaged. The New York Times investigates the growing trend in work-from-anywhere employment and the innovative companies breaking into the digital nomad economy.  

Handling distance working admin

Small Business Budget: Spring-Clean Your SaaS Overhead The proliferation of subscription-based SaaS in recent years has opened up countless affordable services for efficient small business operations. But once your collection of services grows, the monthly total can add up to a big chunk of cash. Here’s how we do a yearly ‘spring cleaning’ of our SaaS tools and budget.

Are you Drowning in Email? Get Slack, A Dynamic Communication Tool for Small Business Teams As a remote team, communication is huge. That’s why we use Slack! Before, we were buried under a hard-to-manage jumble of bulky emails on disparate topics. Not so now.

Bonus: Find Remote Work & Experience More! 5 Compelling Reasons  

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