Why find remote work? I am writing from a breezy airbnb loft during a lush thunderstorm in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. My husband and I are in Mexico on an extended trip. Tomorrow is my birthday, our friends are getting married on the beach this weekend, and we both can work remotely.

Two of the “building cats”, a pair of brothers, are peaking at me through the glass door. One silent meowing (Pepe) and one meow-bellowing (Jake). Their mama just showed up too. A new Canadian friend next door told me the story of all the cats and how they “belong” to everyone who stays here. Pepe, pictured above, became a close buddy. Meanwhile, my husband is across town at one of the many coworking offices in this rapidly changing city.

Years ago in New York City, I dreaded going to the office. I imagined that only photographers could find remote work. And I thought that people who could avoid working in an office lived off of trust funds.

On the eve of my birthday, and every day, I am enormously grateful to have a working nomad lifestyle now. It is a privilege and I am happy to see that opportunities to find remote work are growing for anyone with digital skills and an adventurous spirit.

Here are 5 compelling reasons to find remote work:

1. The World is Big

And changing fast. I am beyond fortunate to have visited 30-ish countries and I look forward to visiting many more. With each travel experience life deepens and widens. 

2. No more stressful commutes or creepy office experiences

My NYC work days were weird in so many ways, that when I think of that time, Soul Coughing’s The Incumbent comes to mind.

New York, New York, I won’t go back, Indelible reminder of the steel I lack I gave you seven years what did you give me back? A jaw-grind disposition to a panic attack

A few examples:

  • My commute time was always minimal because I lived in Manhattan, in closet-sized rooms with roommates. But navigating through the cavernous lobby of the World Trade Towers for four years after the subway dumped its massive load of humanity, gave me a case of claustro-agoraphobia that persists to this day. But I paid off my school loans!
  • Working for a nonprofit that had a bit of office space donated by a law firm in midtown, I shared a cubicle with a dude who arrived huffing, puffing, and sweaty after his arduous commute from Poughkeepsie. Once the sweat dried, he grabbed his wooden back scratcher from Chinatown and used it, loudly, on and off during the day. Sometimes he asked me if I wanted to borrow it. Two years. I spent my lunch hour plotting escape in the Barnes & Noble travel section.  
  • That time a control freak boss lady told my coworker that she couldn’t wear her hair curly because it was too ethnic. And the boss locked the door to the street from the INSIDE. And if there’s a fire? Go out the back. But we’re not allowed in the back. I can’t believe I lasted a year.

Offices can be confining and creepy & commutes suck. 

3. Digital Systems are Plentiful and Fun To Use

It is a user-friendly time to start a digital business with a vast array of easy to learn, affordable SaaS available to run things.

Here are 3 Free Services for Small Teams! Airtable, Asana & Canva And Slack keeps our remote team connected. Small Business Collaboration: 6 More Reasons to Use Slack!

4. Minimalism is Liberating

I don’t have to wear anything resembling a suit anymore and there is no need to buy trendy business clothes.

The more we are in motion, the less stuff we collect. 

5. Because Cats. (Quality Time with Pets or Humans)

Our cat Armando creates a calming home office experience by lazing in the sun. When we are away, our friends take care of him. And pretty much wherever we travel and work, we encounter friendly cats or dogs and we make new human friends too. We don’t have children. This is a big part of what allows us to travel without much planning or restrictions.  But many people are starting creative businesses and pursuing flexible lifestyles with families. My friend Sarah started A Family Travel Blog– a terrific example of blending work and high quality family time!

Remote work enhances and creates relationships. 

Rise of the Digital Small Business & Where to Find Remote Work, or Create It!

Some big companies are backing off from the remote working trend– IBM, remote-work pioneer, is calling thousands of employees back to the office. And others are jumping in– Amazon to hire 5,000 remote customer-service reps. The culture shift in large organizations will evolve slowly.  For digital small businesses like ours, the flexibility and freedom remote work offers is integral to our core values. 

Along with the personal flexibility, the business itself is agile. We have SaaS overhead, which is more fluid and adjustable than signing a lease and paying rent.  As Tara Gentile explains in this video, digital small businesses create incredible possibilities to tap into abundant systems, have a global clientele, and to provide meaningful work!

Where to find remote work?

I found my job here at EPW Small Business Law on flexjobs. And here’s 25 Sites for Finding the Best Remote Jobs from CreativeLive.

Or, create your own work!

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