Flat Fee Contracts

You’re a business owner who needs straightforward, non-legalese contracts for your business.

You don’t want to just download a generic template from the internet or borrow a contract from a colleague—this time you want to work with an attorney to create a custom legal agreement, tailored for you and your particular situation.

I will help you:

  • Get unstuck & free from pending legal to-do’s, so you can move forward on what’s really important.
  • Create legal contracts and frameworks that are in alignment with your business type, personality, and style (yes, even if you are virtual, alternative, spiritual, or artistic).
  • Structure your business and projects to protect your intellectual property, your money, your people, and yourself.

What types of contracts are included?

  • Client Contract (for example: consulting, coaching, training, creative services, software)
  • Terms of Service, Terms & Conditions, Online Sales Agreement
  • Product Terms of Purchase
  • Membership Agreement
  • Speaking Agreement
  • Licensing Agreement
  • Agreement for International Transactions or Projects
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Sale of Intellectual Property or Business Assets
  • Sale, Assignment, and Assumption Agreement
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement, Subcontractor Agreement
  • Privacy Policy, Disclosures
  • Waiver & Release
  • Settlement Agreement
  • NDA, Confidentiality Agreement, Non-Compete Agreement
  • Employment Agreement, Offer Letter

Who is a good fit:

  • You are comfortable working with an attorney primarily via email, with an occasional phone call or Skype.
  • You will probably start using this contract, agreement, or terms in the next 3-6 months.

Who is not a good fit:

  • You want a lawyer who wears a suit and who will meet with you in person.
  • You need something that I don’t have expertise in, such as raising venture capital, MLMs, or franchising.
  • You want an “attack dog” type attorney to represent you.

How does it work?

  1. Once we chat via email (or perhaps via a Quick Call) and determine we are a good fit, I’ll send you a custom quote on your project for your approval. If you approve the quote, I’ll send you my legal services agreement & invoice so we can get started working together.
  2. I’ll send you a list of information I need to get started on your project. You may already have draft documents or other information to share with me. We may exchange emails to answer the questions necessary to start on your project.
  3. I’ll start drafting your document(s) and send you draft(s) to review. We will likely go back and forth with one or more draft versions of your documents, until we reach a final version.
  4. Included with each package is two to four months of unlimited email advice (from the date you sign the legal services agreement). That way you can start using your contract(s) in the real world and ask follow up questions, or even make changes with my advice.

Pricing & Packages:

I create a custom quote for each project, depending upon the complexity of each contract, and whether negotiations or calls are included. Packages of multiple contracts are more cost-effective than one contract at a time.

Single Flat Fee Contract: From $500 to $1500+

Flat Fee Package of Multiple Contracts: From $750 to $2750+

Review Existing Agreements Only: charge by hourly rate ($400/hr) for short or single agreements, to flat-rate package of $750+ for review of multiple agreements of an entire company.

Note: 2-pay and 4-pay installment plans are available, with a slight administrative surcharge.

All flat-fee plans include two to four months of unlimited email advice during the drafting phase and the beginning of the implementation phase. Phone calls are not automatically included, but I can add them into a package upon request. Can also add in negotiation with third parties (such as for licensing or settlement agreements).

How do you get started?

Contact me via email below. If you are a phone person, instead you can schedule a Quick Call (15 min for $100) to discuss your situation via phone. If you opt for a Quick Call, I will apply the fee to your package.
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Do you take clients in other states/countries?

Yes, I have clients in many different states, and clients who are physically located in other countries but are doing business in the United States. Since I don’t do litigation and I work online, we can easily work together remotely. If it looks like your specific legal problem is going to need litigation, I will refer you to an attorney or legal referral service appropriate for the location of your dispute.