Would you like to get more referrals for your small business? Most businesses are looking to grow or to sustain a comfortable mix of long-term and new relationships over time.

Like many businesses, over 50% of our new business at EPW Small Business comes in from referrals. We love our clients and are honored to become acquainted with the friends they refer to us!

Since word-of-mouth rules in the small business world, how do we optimize our best business-growing techniques and get more referrals? In the articles below find 51 tips and tools from some of our favorite small business experts.

Note: Not all tips will work for all types of businesses for legal or other reasons, but there’s something here for everyone!

Be Credible, Subtle & Trustworthy to Get More Referrals

15 Ways to Get Referrals

Marketer @MaryFlaherty gives us a roadmap of 15 active methods to “be referable”!

The Best Way to Get Tons of Referrals

@srikumarsrao details the art of giving more, to get more. How to get referrals from your clients in a more subtle way than asking for them!

How to Get More Customer Referrals Without Being Pushy

Great advice on how to get more referrals with a light touch and a positive outlook from @SmallBizBrian.

Get Brave, Creative, Strategic & Don’t Forget to Follow Up!

Creative Ways to Get Customer Referrals for Your Small Business

Attract VIP customers and build your referral network with tips from @chadworks.

The Art of the Ask: How to Overcome the Fear of Asking for Referrals

Hate asking for referrals? Overcome the fear with this handy PDF guide from @ConstantContact.

6 Ninja Referral Tactics

@SystemsThatRock recommends picking the right time to ask for referrals, being strategic, and making it easy…

3 Ways You Should Be Following Up to Maximize Your Profit

Digital small business strategist @taragentile details her Follow up, Follow up, Follow up mantra for 3 different scenarios: pitches, up-selling, and referrals.

Leverage Automation, Social Media & Templates to Help You Get More Referrals

The Best Way to Ask for Referrals [+ Free Email Template]

Stuck on getting a referral program started? Check out the email template in this Hubspot blog.

5 Quick Steps to Turn your Small Business Into a Referral-Getting Machine

Plug the leaks to turn your small business into a referral magnet, with advice from @christinekane. Got your systems in place? Okay, go!

7 Tips for Getting High-Quality Referrals From Your Clients

Optimize your LinkedIn network, among other tips from @CarlyStec.

Referral Marketing 101: Everything You Need to Build a Referral Program That Works

From designing your program to analytics, @EmmaFayeS walks you through the nuts and bolts and includes a handy list of software tools to make life easier.

How to Build a Referral Program into a Small Business Without Going Crazy

How to build a referral into your small business without going crazy thanks to more advice from @EmmaFayeS. Hint: take advantage of automation!

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