Reflections of a Midnight Insomnia.

Some of you know that a week ago I got my second tattoo, on the inside of my right wrist.

The tattoo reads: “Accept”

This post does not that explain the tattoo.

This post is about the ramifications.

I just returned from wandering around the block of my apartment complex, a few minutes after midnight.

Trying to exhaust my body, after I’ve been curled up in bed for a few hours, post migraine meds and post sleeping meds, unable to quiet my mind from all the realizations crushing me.

Staring at the tattoo on my wrist.

Pummeled by the exquisite pain that exists between realization and acceptance.


There is an important moment when you realize that your spouse stopped trusting you years ago, that the job you hate is slowing killing you, that your partner has been sneaking money from the joint account, that your boss can’t protect you from the next round of layoffs, that your child has a brain tumor, that the friendship has died to your lack of attention, that no matter what you do they might never love you.

But realization is just the beginning.

Acceptance is taking it in, without judgment.

Acceptance is not about anger or sadness. It is not about resistance or change. It is not about good or evil.

Acceptance is not about blame.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be okay with that thing happening again in the future.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t make changes, set boundaries, learn from what occurred.

It doesn’t mean that you have to like it.

Acceptance is simply giving up the fight of what is already fact.

So you can move forward. So you can make decisions.

So you can live.

P.S. This isn’t just about “bad” stuff – this is about everything. Acceptance of your brilliance. Acceptance of love. Acceptance of help. Acceptance of how you are changing the world.

To be able to live your truth, you must first accept your truth.

So now I’m asking you – what do you need to accept?

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