The global market is growing every day.

Whether you want to tap into the increasing demand for goods and services or launch yourself into the world as an international small business owner, here are 12 articles to help you begin your journey!

Growing your international small business

58 Percent of Small Businesses Already Have International Customers, Survey Finds …and 72% plan to grow their international customer base by 2017. Why? Respondents cite higher quality suppliers, vendors, and talent as reasons why they’ve started an international small business. What are your reasons?

The Secrets To Taking Your Small Business Global 96% of the world’s consumers live outside the US, and they account for nearly 2/3rd of the world’s purchasing power, according to the Small Business Administration. What can you do to tap into this growing market? @sardakunal shares three tips.

How to Make More Money By Working With International Clients What are the financial implications of taking on international clients? You should think about things like exchange rates, invoicing tools, tax considerations, and time zones, says Carrie at @carefulcents.

Tips for running an international small business

Business Overseas? How to Navigate Legal Matters in the Age of International Digital Small Business! It’s essential to protect yourself legally when working overseas. But how? Our own Elizabeth Potts Weinstein shares some of her top tips.

6 Tips for Dealing with International Clients What are your top tips for doing business with international clients? QuickBooks advises you to have a strategy for payment plans and navigating cultural differences.

5 Tips for Marketing Online to an International Audience Besides the obvious things like translating using the correct idioms, remember to give yourself some time to research regional regulations such as advertising regulations, regulation of sales tactics, and product laws.

11 Biggest Challenges of International Business in 2017 Hult International School of Business IDs some of the biggest challenges of doing business internationally…and how to tackle them. What do you see as the biggest challenges of making your business international?

Become a digital nomad

10 Business Opportunities For The Entrepreneur Abroad Ever considered online publishing? You can do it from anywhere! Learn how Kathleen of @LiveandInvest took her publishing job virtual and be inspired by her list of ten other jobs you could pursue from anywhere in the world.

Why a Virtual Job is the Best Job for Working Abroad A virtual job is a great way to fund your digital nomad lifestyle. How @timleffel makes digital nomadism work for him and his business, and his top tips for you.

Expat Tax Planning: Top 5 Business Tax Questions When it comes to planning your taxes as an expat, you should know the answer to these five questions.

American Expat Taxes: Top 5 Business-Related Questions If you’re a sole proprietor of a business based outside of the US, do you need to file a special form to put your business income and expenses on your personal tax return? Find out!

Inspiring global entrepreneurs

Business Opportunities for Expats Overseas From opening a Vietnamese restaurant in Quito, to opening a beachfront bookstore in La Paz, Mexico: 7 inspiring stories from entrepreneurs who built their lives and their businesses abroad.

Businesses Without Borders: Three Entrepreneurs Who Launched Abroad Did you know Africa accounts for 70% of today’s mobile payments? Stories from 3 entrepreneurs who successfully launched abroad.

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