This is our 14th Client Spotlight, where we share interesting facts and stories about our entrepreneurial clients. Be sure to check out our previous spotlight and learn about Wendy Witt, Founder of A Million Families™, who embraces the calming sound of silence, the pursuit of big dreams in midlife, mentoring, ear wiggling, and bunny slippers!

It has been a pleasure to support our client Kim Everett with the legal aspects of Keepsake Travel® Designs, a boutique travel agency that crafts custom vacations and supports clients every step of the way. Kim shares her beliefs in the importance (and unexpected fun) of cross-training at work, the goal of having remarkable products, the power of the ocean to calm and inspire, and the benefits of regular siestas!

What’s the strangest job you’ve ever had? 

While I’ve had a few strange jobs through the years, the strangest day at work I ever had was actually in a pretty normal job. I was working in marketing and merchandising in the corporate office for a mattress company and part of my job included visiting stores. I’ve always believed that it’s a great learning opportunity to help out across the company when I am needed, so when one of the store owners asked me to help out in his store during a sale, I quickly agreed. When I got there he didn’t seem to believe I was going to help, so he asked me to be the mascot. I spent the next hour or so outside his store wearing a mattress mascot costume waving at cars.

What is your favorite business book, and why?

My background is in marketing, so I’ve always been drawn to marketing types of business books. One of my favorites is “Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable” by Seth Godin. In the book, Godin talks about how to stand out in a sea of businesses and products by having a remarkable product that people want to talk about and by using remarkable advertising. “Purple Cow” provides a great mindset shift – every business should strive to find a way to make their products remarkable.

What color, sound, or smell helps you be calm and productive?

Anything having to do with the ocean and the beach – warm sand between your toes, a soft breeze, and shades of blue have always been so calming to me. If you add in the sound of waves crashing and the smell of saltwater, I’m all set for a great day. Everyone says that life is better at the beach, and that’s part of what makes it a great work environment too; the ocean can calm you and help with problem-solving and creativity in work – just make sure to save time to relax and enjoy the beach after being so productive.

Outside the U.S., what country or culture inspires you the most?

I love learning and experiencing cultures around the world, so I could choose almost anything, but Spain has always had a special place in my heart for its culture. I love the emphasis on family, with meals becoming a gathering time – and the food is amazing. Spain has such a rich history, with castles to explore, Roman aqueducts almost too spectacular to believe, and the oldest restaurant in the world hidden underground. The people are so relaxed and friendly – and how can you say no to an afternoon siesta?

About Kim: Kim Everett is the owner and custom travel planner at Keepsake Travel® Designs. She specializes in helping people dive deeper into their travel journey, using both her business and creative sides to plan expert vacations around the world. As a musical theater geek, Kim knows that the little details, like lighting effects and costumes make a huge difference in a theater performance; she loves to use that story-telling approach to vacation planning making sure that each little detail comes together for an itinerary that hits all the right notes. Kim has an MBA from Kelley School of Business and a Masters in Global Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management and uses her business skills as she digs into the logistical details of each vacation. You can find Keepsake Travel® Designs on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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