This is our 17th Client Spotlight, where we share interesting facts and stories about our entrepreneurial clients. Be sure to check out our previous spotlight and learn about Sylvie McCracken, a business coach for health professionals.
It has been a pleasure to support our client Liz Jostes with custom contracts to protect her business. Read below to learn some interesting facts about Liz! 

Were you an entrepreneur from an early age?

Entrepreneurship never once crossed my mind! In fact, becoming a small business owner was a very organic process. I have a marketing degree and worked corporately in consumer behavior research for years before having my first child. It was while moving around the country for my husband’s career that I began to learn about blogging, managing a Facebook Business Page, using Twitter, SEO, and working in WordPress. A couple of local small business owners started asking me online marketing questions, and it was through helping them that one of them said, “You know a lot about this stuff and can help so many other small business owners. Have you ever thought about charging for that help?”
That literally was the start of my entrepreneurial journey! At the time, I figured there wasn’t much to lose because the startup cost was so minimal. And I was already blogging and using all these tools, so I could start by blogging for my new small business and implement the SEO and social media knowledge I already had. It took off from there.

Describe your favorite setting for work: home, traditional office, coworking, coffee shop, or something else … and why?

I love working from home. If I’m doing a lot of writing or strategic planning type work, I need quiet to focus. I do tend to get a lot done on planes as well since there are no distractions and people tend to keep to themselves.

If you have a remote team in your business, what are some of your favorite practices and tools to make that work for you and your people?

I have a team of women who manage clients’ social media profiles and write blogs for clients. One thing that has really helped me and them is creating a private Facebook Group for each of them where we can discuss specific client needs, and I can go live into the group for things like demos, training, or project information. It’s helpful because they can then refer back to that 1 spot to watch videos or re-read our threads. And we’re all on Facebook throughout our days anyway, so no need for a separate software for collaboration. Another helpful approach has been using Google Sheets for tracking certain types of social media tasks…things like quotes and tips that need to be made into Canva images and then scheduled for posting, or client product links and blog posts that need to be pinned to Pinterest boards.

How have you found knowing your personality type to be helpful in your business?

I’m someone who likes variety! So balancing different clients’ needs and industries with the many online marketing services I offer, keeps me on my toes and always keeps things moving and interesting for me.

What are your travel goals and why are those places on your list? And/or where do you dream of living someday and why?

I love to travel! In fact, back when I used Pinterest personally, I had a board named, “I work so I can travel”. We travel with our kids pretty regularly – at least 3 times a year out of state. And I travel for business trips or trips with my girlfriends like RunDisney events down in Orlando. I would love to explore more of Europe. So far, I’ve visited Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, and Ireland. I think it would be incredible to have an opportunity to live overseas, as well. Even if it was just for a few years.
Liz Jostes is a marketer and small business owner. She co-founded and owns Eli Rose Social Media, LLC where she’s focused on helping small business owners establish and grow their presence online through social media, SEO, content, and social advertising.  

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