Calling all makers and crafters!

So much of what you do is creatively driven and uniquely you. You put us in awe every day with the amazing creations of your hands and your minds. We represent creative business owners, and we know that sometimes it can feel like the business side of your creative business is keeping you down, crushing your artistic spirit. Well, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to.

We’ve compiled 11 tips and tricks for making the business stuff palatable, approachable, and totally doable. Sound good? Let’s go!  

The Business of Creative Businesses

Creative Ways to Help Your Business Grow These inspiring Etsy artists share how their businesses have grown and evolved since their early days and share the wisdom they’ve learned along their journeys.

10 Steps to Scaling Your Small Business When do you scale up and when should you scale back? James and Eileen of Little Seed Farm share their experiences with managing the ups and downs of growing a small, creative business.

Take a Crash Course in Do-It-Yourself PR Amy Flurry takes us through ten steps to DIY PR. Here’s a sneak peak: keep it personal, work with the editorial calendar, and remember the golden rule of publicity.

4 Tips for a More Organized Tax Season Every feel like tax season has a sneaky way of creeping up on you? Make next tax season easier and more zen with these tips.

The Value of Financial Transparency Talk of money is often seen as a taboo in the creative world. But does that do creative businesses more harm than good? This article argues that no, it doesn’t. It also highlights seven creative entrepreneurs who have embraced financial transparency and bared their financial statements to the world.  

Collected Wisdom–More Resources for Makers!

Makers Collective Resource Library A super helpful list of resources for makers, featuring articles on everything from starting or growing your business, to marketing, sales, craft festivals, ethics, and more!

10 Tips for Licensing Your Art Ever dreamed of getting your art into retail stores or on your favorite products? Christine Llewellyn of Christine Joy Design walks us through ten steps to getting your art licensed by retailers. Registering your designs with the US Copyright Office is step 3 . Our blog post, How to Register a Copyright, can walk you through the four steps you need to take to register a copyright over your creative works.

The Field Guide to Maker Spaces in All 50 States There’s a long history of making beautiful crafts in shared spaces. Today, those shared spaces are more prevalent than ever. This blog lists shared spaces for creatives in all 50 states!

Best Blogs for Creative Entrepreneurs From blogs on branding your creative business, to blogs for artistic entrepreneurs, to blogs for creative entrepreneurs, this list of 50 super helpful blogs has all the inspiration you’ll need!  

Bonus Round–When You Want to Forget Business and Just Be Creative!

9 Very Good Excuses to Spend the Whole Day in Your Sewing Room Do you really just want to stay in and sew today? That’s ok! Craftsy’s got 9 perfectly good excuses to spend the whole day with your needles, fabrics, and patterns.

Tip Tuesday: 7 Hacks to Save Time & Stay Organized Keeping your bobbins, needles, and thread tidy and organized can be a bit of a chore…and a bore. Try out these seven tips to get your craft space neat and organized in no time flat.  

Not too bad, right? You’ve got this! If you need someone to take a look at your legal stuff––contracts, trademarks, purchasing agreements, etc.––we’re here for you. We work with a ton of artists and creative people just like you. Contact us today!

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