Marianne Cantwell
This is our 18th Client Spotlight, where we share insight about our entrepreneurial clients. Be sure to check out our previous spotlight and learn about Founder of Eli Rose Social Media, LLC, Liz Jostes
It has been a pleasure to support our client Marianne Cantwell as she was up-leveling her business. Read below to get to know Marianne! 

What is your personality type and how do you nurture your preferences in your business?

I’m a personality type nerd so I use them a LOT in my business! With all our clients for a start (our flagship ‘free range’ business course has a whole section on helping you get better results by harnessing your unique profiles), with how I decide what sort of people I need on my team and more.

I’m an ENFP (in MBTI), Star profile in Wealth Dynamics, The Talent in the Fascination Advantage (and 4w3 in Enneagram, which I use more personally). Some ways I use them:

  • To challenge myself (read my profiles names alone – and you may be surprised to know I used to NOT want to show up and be ‘seen’ in my brand! Of course given my profiles, nothing took off until I did – and over the years working with clients I’ve learned that the things about you that you think are ‘not business-y enough’ (or not _____ enough) will likely be the very reasons for your success when you learn how to harness them.
  • To know what to double down on (and what to minimise or outsource). Like many people, I’m not just one thing – I CAN do a lot of different things. And that makes knowing your preferences even more useful: a deep understanding of your superpowers will show you what you’ll get the best results from spending more time doing (and what in reality, someone else can do just as well with a quarter of the stress).
  • For collaborations and my team. I’m really big on making sure we give people the right chance to be in their best flow (as that’s when everyone is happier and we ALL get better results!)

If working from home is new to you, how have you adapted? Have you made home improvements, creatively improvised, established new routines or boundaries that have helped you to embrace the new normal?

I’ve been doing it over 10 years so I think I got a head start on everyone!

But I remember when I started that it was an adjustment: one thing i quickly learned was to delineate spaces for different things. Even when I had a tiny place one corner of a room would be for work. Now I have an office space.

In non-pandemic times I also have favourite coffee shops I go to for creative work (but these days I actually drive up to a view point in my car to do creative thinking and writing!)

Knowing “when I am there this is what happens” is a great hack for getting your brain in gear.

What is your favorite business book, and why? Or, any type of book that inspires how you approach the world?

Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

What social media platform do you spend the most time on for business networking? What strategies do you use to engage your audience and grow your business?

I don’t really think of what I do as ‘business networking’. I prefer to think of it as connection – when I do a video or write something I’m aiming to connect with one person. I think of ONE specific person and write or speak for them.

Over the years that approach has grown to 100, then 1000 then over 10,000 people on my email list and instagram. When I did a TEDx Talk I did it for ‘old me’, the version of me who needed to hear it. It has been viewed half a million times so I guess there were quite a few ‘old mes’ out there.

(PS: I mostly post on Instagram @freerangemarianne and via email with my free range humans Friday Love Letters)

If you could have a video call with any business person (dead or alive), whom would you pick?

Definitely my mother. Anyone else you can read about and learn about in loads of other ways, but there’s nothing like personal connection with people you love.

What are some social media feeds/videos/websites you check to de-stress, to have a good laugh or daydream?

Honestly my fiancee is like a personalised humour delivery service – he sends me 3 funny tik tok videos a day (we limited it to three, he would easily send many more!) so I’m lucky that I get that all hand picked as I’d get lost down an internet rabbit hole for hours browsing otherwise 🙂

What were some of your favorite books, pets, things to do and/or toys as a child?

Books were my jam! I always had my nose in a book (and was obsessed with the Enid Blyton fantasy books).

Plus I’ve always been into animals (I’m a dog AND a cat person), and spent my summers working at the veterinary clinic… and at one point ended up with 20 white mice, due to a little accident not realising Freida was a boy.

What helps you be calm and productive? Food? Pets? A color, sound, or smell? Nature? Other?

Nature and the ocean – which is why I now live on the California coast!


Marianne is the author of Be A Free Range Human, the founder of Free Range Humans and a TEDx speaker (“The Hidden Power Of Not Always Fitting In” has close to half a million views and was named by as one of the “Top 10 TED talks to watch to overcome fear of failure”).
In the last year Marianne’s thinking was featured in Business Insider,, BBC World, the Telegraph and more. She has previously been featured in The Guardian, Daily Mail (You Magazine), Glamour, Psychologies, titles such as Forbes Business Week, CBS MoneyWatch, and on over 30 podcasts.
These days she runs courses and mentors smart people (who don’t quite fit into the box that others assume they do!), to grow their business and life – in a way that really fits who they are. Follow her adventures on Instagram!

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