Here’s our latest Client Spotlight, where you learn about our interesting small business and entrepreneurial clients. Be sure to check out last month’s feature on Kaneisha Grayson and her futuristic theories on holographic technology & humanoid assistants!

Our client Martha Jo Atkins consults directly with people dealing with death, dying, and grief, and also trains licensed coaches and therapists on how to use her Shift Your Grief system in their practice. Her credentials and energy speak for themselves, and I admire her ability to help people in this space. Here are some interesting facts about her:

What color, sound, or smell helps you be calm and productive?

A good dose of lavender will calm me down in a hot minute.

Outside the US, what country or culture inspires you the most?

I love Norway–the people, the culture, the beauty. My mom had a sister, my Aunt Betty. Aunt Betty was widowed when I started college. She loved to travel and asked me if I’d accompany her as she didn’t like to travel alone. We had some fantastic adventures around the world.

One of my favorites was a trip to Norway. We spent time in Oslo, then ventured out to Svalbard to cruise around and spot polar bears. When I think about places/cultures that inspire me, it’s this place. This trip. The people are lovely. The buildings are ancient and beautiful. I felt peaceful wherever I went. And yes, we saw some beautiful polar bears. What an experience.

What’s the strangest job you’ve ever had?

At 16, I was a medical transcriptionist for a French Canadian doctor. His accent was thick. My typing was slow. I was fired after 3 months.

What’s the weirdest most surprising skill you possess?

I learned how to spin wool when I was 12. I can do it with a drop spindle or a spinning wheel. Never learned to knit though…

If you could have coffee with any business person dead or alive, whom would you pick?

Oprah. I have, over the last several years, imagined I was sitting in a chair with Oprah over to my left, sitting in her own chair. We’re drinking tea and chatting about following our paths and unfolding into our next best selves. To me, Oprah is an extraordinary business person, a gifted interviewer, and world changer. Appealing to everyone? Nope. Does she do her thing anyway? Yes. I love that part.

About Martha Jo: Martha Jo Atkins, PhD, teaches, writes, and speaks about deathbed phenomena, signposts of the dying, end of life experiences, and transcendent experiences. In 2013 she spoke at TEDx San Antonio on these subjects. You can visit Martha’s website or follow her on Facebook

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