11-17-15 roundupIt’s been an upsetting week in the world, and I’ve been sharing about how you can handle that as a business owner in this week’s live Periscope #bizboundaries series (daily around 12:30 PM Pacific). But if you don’t have time to join us live, here’s some of what we shared over the last few weeks via Periscope, Twitter, and Facebook:

Four Part Series on Periscope: “Doing It All” (managing energy & time)

#bizboundaries on doing it all [1of4] the magic word

#bizboundaries how to do it all [2of4] energy units, not time units

#bizboundaries how to do it all [3of4] re when you have a blah day

#bizboundaries on how to do it all [4of4] block out *impt* (vs deadlines)

Five Part Series of Periscope: “How to Avoid Drama on Social Media”

#bizboundaries how to avoid drama on social media [1of5] authentic doesn’t mean share everything

#bizboundaries on avoiding social media drama [2of5] respect the party you’re visiting

#bizboundaries on avoiding drama on social media [3of5] your wall–your rules

#bizboundaries re avoiding social media drama [4of5] when to delete

#bizboundaries re social media drama [5of5] watch out for OPP (other people’s privacy)

Other People’s Stuff We Talked About on Social Media Last Week