2015-11-2 roundupHave you had a chance to watch the live Periscope show yet? Each weekday around 12:30 PM Pacific (catch the link via my @ElizabethPW Twitter account), I’m broadcasting live tips about how to set and enforce boundaries in and around your business (and your life). If you’d love to hang out during your lunch break, be sure to join in! 🙂

Fails/Drama & Client Boundaries on Periscope

During the last part of October, on the #bizboundary Periscope show I shared a two part series about setting & enforcing boundaries with clients, and a five part series on how to handle fails and drama in your business.

when clients push boundaries [1of2] check yourself

when clients push boundaries [2of2] clear *non emotional* communication

when things #fail 👎 [1of5] when website goes down, have a cup of tea (or a hike) 🌳

on #fails and drama [2of5] when to go public on social media, blog, PR (be strategic!) 👆

on #fails and drama [3of5] owning the room / conversation (the secret of the pause)

on #fails & drama [4of5] get the *facts*

on fails & drama [5of5] so what was at fault? Let’s troubleshoot & fix it.

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