2015-10-19 roundupOn September’s Roundup, we featured the 10 Days to Business Boundaries course, the start of the Periscope series, as well as a bunch of other resources shared on social media. This week we are continuing the Periscope series, and moving towards sharing our roundups on a weekly basis, since we just have a ton of stuff to share with you each week!

The #BizBoundaries Series on Periscope

Each weekday I’m sharing a five to ten minute #bizboundary tip for small business owners & entrepreneurs. The first week of October I shared a five-part series on vetting clients & vendors, and I just finished a five-part series on creating containers (aka packaging products/services). If you miss watching the show live via Periscope (periscope.tv/elizabethpw), check out these recordings:

👍🏻Before you sign up for a new app, vendor, service, do this first (vetting!!) 🏆🙋

🙋🏻#bizboundaries re vetting clients: Always Trust Your Gut ✔️👍🏻

🙋🏻#bizboundaries on vetting clients: creating a screening & intake process 📩📞📑✔️

🙋🏻#bizboundaries on vetting clients [4of5] should you take high maint clients? Maybe…here’s how. 📑💰

🙋🏻#bizboundaries on vetting clients [5of5] what if client fits but not the project?

🙋🏻#bizboundaries on creating containers [1of5] Start simple (especially if new)

🙋🏻#bizboundaries on creating containers: do you still set boundaries for high end VIP services? #smallbiz #biztip

🙋🏻#bizboundaries creating containers [3of5] creating low end services if you have high end $$ 💰

🙋🏻#bizboundaries on creating containers [4of5] freemium vs paid low end 💰🚫

🙋🏻#bizboundaries [5of5] on creating containers, should you go for low hanging fruit (little projects)? 💰❓

Other People’s Stuff We Talked About on Social Media Last Week


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