sept-roundupEach month we share tons of great legal, business, marketing, and life resources for small business owners & entrepreneurs on Twitter, Facebook, and (now) Periscope.

But it’s easy to miss out on some great stuff, even if you follow us on the various social media accounts.

So here’s what you might have missed last month. 🙂

10 Days to Business Boundaries: Watch the video course on demand

Want to feel more joy & energy in your work?
Want to reduce resentment & drama in your business?

In the 10 Days to Business Boundaries video course, I lead you through setting customized boundaries for yourself and your clients in your business, and then figuring out a structure for enforcing those boundaries. This course is free & on-demand, and each 5-15 minute video has a one-page PDF handout for your download (get the downloads at

All 10 Days of the program are in the playlist below (just click on the pull-out menu in the top left corner of the video player and you’ll be able to select the video you’d like to watch).

Are You on Periscope Yet? Join ElizabethPW Live (or listen to the recording)

Each weekday at Noon I’m sharing a five-minute #bizboundary tip. If you’re not yet on Periscope (you can find me on Periscope at @ElizabethPW), you can watch the show via the recordings (see below) or by following the links I share on my personal Twitter account @ElizabethPW.

Monday September 28th: 🚫⚡️when you get Facebook & Twitter rage! 😡#bizboundaries #biztip #dailytip

Tuesday September 29th: 💸when clients want to add “just one more thing” 🙅

Wednesday September 30th: 📚🎉start Q4 right & have and awesome end to 2015! 💥🙋

Thursday October 1st: 3⃣tips for when you feel ick/meh 😕#selfcare✔️ #bizboundaries #dailytip #biztip

Friday October 2nd: Live walking in San Francisco – taking recess in your business #bizboundaries #selfcare #walkingperiscope

Small Biz Advice on Podcasts

Work-At-Home Success Podcast #368 with Leslie Truex, where we spoke about permits, zoning, and other challenges that face every freelancer and small business owner, even if they earn small amounts of money and work exclusively from home.

“Essential Legal Steps to Setup Your New Small Business” on Women’s Business Talk Radio Network with Diane Helbig where we discussed whether you really need to form an LLC or corporation, the unique issues facing virtual businesses without physical locations, and the difference between trademarks and copyrights.

Other People’s Stuff We Shared on Twitter & Facebook

We share tons of posts on Twitter & Facebook with links to 3rd party tips, tools, and resources–here are some of the top posts that got the most feedback last month.