As we start the new year, we are reminded of how crucial Slack has become to the success of our small business collaboration.

Before Slack, we used a Wiki via Google Sites to organize our internal documents. The Wiki was helpful as a storage tool, but Slack is a fully dynamic team collaboration tool. After a full year of using Slack, we are incomparably more organized and able to see our past work and to envision our future direction! Slack helps create a small business roadmap.

We wrote about how Slack nearly eliminated interoffice email and how it is terrific for both remote teams and for those of us who are introverts. Here are 6 more quick highlights of why we love this collaboration tool.

    1. Slack makes work more enjoyable; it’s an attractive place to go every morning! Unlike email, Slack has a dynamic design that creates an engaging visual experience.
    2. Slack is a fantastic searchable database of communication history, once you use it consistently over time.
    3. Slack fosters team spirit. As a fully remote office, Slack is where we meet on a daily basis and react to what each other has shared with emojis or feedback.
    4. Slack simplifies work with pinned document storage. Now that we have an extensive collection of channels on different topics, the ability to pin our docs to the relevant channel means we don’t have to spend much time looking in Google Drive.
    5. Slack includes direct messaging. Slack offers private messaging between team members, and even has a personal private messaging channel that is super handy for keeping track of things you don’t need to or aren’t ready to share. As Slack says, “This is your space. Draft messages, list your to-dos, or keep links and files handy. You can also talk to yourself here, but please bear in mind you’ll have to supply both sides of the conversation.”
    6. Slack is terrific for content curation. Like all small businesses, we are always on the lookout for inspiring material from others. We have developed a handful of “cornerstone themes” (categories of content) that guide our marketing efforts. Channels for each of these themes provide a home for the good stuff we find.

Cheers to more organization and productivity in 2017, with great small business collaboration tools that make work better!


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