Are there only a few specific small business personality types? Of course not. There are many personality types that can be successful.  

Yet, Some Studies Point to Specific Types

Just like there are many startup personality types, there are multiple personality type assessments and not just the well-known Myers-Briggs (MBTI). For example, the Kolbe Corp assessment may provide insight into your management/ problem-solving strengths.

But going with the MBTI framework for a minute, Skye Gould and Rachel Gillett, writing for Business Insider in August 2015, point to data from Truity Psychometrics to highlight that the ENTP type stands out as a business-starter. This particular study also argued that extroverted types, in general, are more likely to launch a business because they are bigger risk takers, among other reasons.

Is that still true? The last line of the article above is a quote from the CEO of Truity, Molly Owens, that points to growing digital small business trend: “Introverts can really excel in areas like digital marketing, where they can take a more behind-the-scenes approach,” she adds.

Yep. We attest to the abundant digital small business possibilities!

Our Experience at EPW with Small Business Personality Types

From a quick sample, we estimate our clients are about 50% extroverts and 50% introverts, in contrast to any studies that show a disproportionate weighting towards extroverts. Of course, we may attract a disproportionate number of introverted clients, since our founder Elizabeth is an INFJ.

My biggest takeaway from the Business Insider article is that a percentage of ALL types identify as self-employed. There is zero type that is at 0%.  

Some types may tend to linger in the daydream or nightdream–if it is a dream. (Of course, it may not be. Many are perfectly happy to work for someone else.) And others may move forward with bold gusto. And others with quiet, methodical steps.

But any type of person is capable of starting a business that suits them.

Growing Beyond Dichotomies & Binaries

As Brigitte Lyons eloquently states in 5 Myths About Extroverts that Need to Die

Reject the dichotomy. We’re in this together.”

And Fabeku Fantumise seconds the notion that binaries are problematic, here in poetic form: Facets.

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