Each new year brings a rush of articles urging you to ‘start your dream business now!’ and to ‘seize the day!’ We at EPW Small Business Law join these voices in inviting you to pursue your business dreams in 2017.

From helping over a hundred clients start their small business, we know that it takes hard work and perseverance to be an entrepreneur.

Having solid foundations, setting productive goals, making sure your business is set up correctly, and incorporating hard-won advice from other successful entrepreneurs goes a long way in avoiding potential business pitfalls and making the transition from dreamer into business owner.

To help you dive into your 2017 business journey, we’ve compiled some of our favorite articles on business design, tips, legal considerations, and cautionary tales. Read on!   

You’re more prepared than you know

Why Every Job Prepares You For Your Dream Job We love these words from Jasmine Star: “I trust the future is teaching you something you couldn’t learn otherwise. And until you’re on your own, I hope you smile and know greatness is on the horizon.” She shares why every job prepares you for your dream job.

Setting goals to get you there

How to Set Goals We love this unique advice from Kate Swoboda: “If you decide that the process of how to set goals matters more to you than the final product—the goal itself—you’ll find that you do make recognizable shifts towards changing your life, and the entire process feels resonant and real, as something that supports your life without overtaking your life.”

Here’s to productive and holistic goal setting in 2017!!! The Fastest, Simplest Way to Your Goal Over the course of this year, Tara Gentile noticed something happening with a lot of small business owners: they were overcomplicating things on the path to success. Here, she shares why that problem crops up and how to avoid it.

Get your business set up right

Should You Run Your One-Person Business as a Sole Proprietorship?

Most businesses begin as sole proprietorships. If yours is now, should you stay that way or is it time to form an LLC or S-Corporation? This infographic will help you decide.

9 Questions to Answer Before You Start a Joint Venture

Are you thinking of engaging in a project with another business or individual? Being intentional about the legal relationship you’re creating will save you major headaches down the road. Ask yourself these 9 questions and include the answers in your Joint Venture Agreement.

Do you need a U.S. Federal Tax ID number or EIN for your small business?

Sorry for the “lawyer answer,” but it depends. We’ll walk you through how to decide in this blog post from our founder, Elizabeth Potts Weinstein.

Do You Sell Products or Services in Another Country? Welcome to the Legal Morass of International Business

There are major legal complexities you inherit just because you are doing business in a country different than your own. We’ve put together an overview of the legal complexities you need to be aware of when you start doing business or selling products/services outside your own country – so you know the potential issues and when you need to get help.

4 Local Legal Requirements Before You Open Your New Business

There are four types of local legal requirements regularly affect small businesses. Make sure you know which you need to worry about!

Tactics, tips, and tricks for success

5 Ways to Improve Your New Year Business Plans: Inspired by Listener Questions

You’re probably in the midst of refining and beginning to implement your new year business plans. Employ these five tactics to make those plans the best they can be.

How I Book & Prepare for Public Speaking Gigs

Tara Gentile books speaking gigs all over the world. Here, she takes you behind the scenes to give you a tour of her process, from booking gigs, to negotiating fees, to planning her talks.

My 10 Best Performing Email Subject Lines of the Year (and 3 that flopped)

Nick Loper shares his 10 best performing email subject lines of 2016. We’re proud to say the email announcing our founder’s appearance on his podcast ranked #1! Use these tips to make sure your emails pop.

State of the Nation: 2016 Member Survey Results (Plus How to Run a Survey For Your Audience)

A survey is a great way to check in with your audience and ensure your business is off to a great start in 2017. Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation shows us how to run a survey for your audience that people will actually take.

#17 How to Use Content to Grow Your Freelance Business – with Kai Davis

In this wonderful podcast, Kai Davis shares what kind of content freelancers should be producing, how you can make your content unique and effective, and how to convert readers to clients and customers.

Caution! Avoid these potential pitfalls to achieve smallbiz success in 2017

4 Lies About Your Business You Shouldn’t Believe in 2017

Tara Gentile has the unique position of working with both individual business as a coach and taking a more bird’s eye view of the online business marketplace as a speaker and consultant. She shares four all-too-common lies about your business that you shouldn’t believe in 2017 and leaves us with one very important truth.

Perfectionism Ruined my Productivity

“We’ve been taught perfectionism makes us better. It means we value quality work. It means we pay attention to the details. It means we hold ourselves to a higher standard. But perfectionism might also kill creativity and productivity.” We’re fascinated by this compelling argument urging us to quell the perfectionist voices in our heads.

The Fear of Backsliding

We loved this great advice as we move into the new year: “Beware of getting so addicted to the big steps forward, that you forget to look back at how you got here, and what you learned along the way that can still serve you!”

Yay! You’re now that much closer to starting your dream business in 2017! If you’re psyched and ready to go make sure to think too about the right legal structure for your business. If you’d like more guidance, contact us to talk about our Small Biz Startup Plans!  

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