The birds are chirping, the trees are sprouting their first buds, and your desk is…well maybe not as freshly clean and organized as you’d like.

Spring has a beautiful and sometimes disconcerting habit of sneaking up on us. When the world is reawakening, the spring breezes calling, “Come! Explore the new world we’ve made this year!” — it can be hard to tell them no in favor of doing some good old fashioned spring cleaning for your small business.

The good news is, you won’t have to! We’ve curated 12 resources that are all about helping you get your business’s spring cleaning done as fast and efficiently as possible so that you can go outside and revel in the beauty of this wonderful season.

Getting (and keeping!) your legal affairs in order

4 Local Legal Requirements Before You Open Your New Business

Springtime is different in every part of the country. So, too, are the local legal requirements that need to be taken care of before you open a new business. Elizabeth shares what types of requirements may affect you.

9 Questions to Answer Before You Start a Joint Venture

Are you engaging in a project with another business or individual?  We love collaboration and idea sharing!  Just make sure you are intentional about the legal relationship you’re creating.  Ask yourself these 9 questions and include the answers in your Joint Venture Agreement.

Did you get it in writing? Here’s why you need contracts in all your business relationships.

People think that contracts are just there to make the lawyer happy – but a contract is primarily to make the relationship go smoothly! Elizabeth explains why you must have contracts in your business relationships.

These are just a tiny sampling of blog posts we have on our blog. If you have a general legal question, odds are it’s mentioned in a blog post. If it’s not, feel free to contact us and we’ll write a post about it…or you can get it answered in one of our 15 minute Quick Calls!

Getting (and keeping!) your business organized

How to Stay Organized Every Single Day

Pick up the house before bed, save your smart phone until breakfast, and write out a to do list before bed. They all go a long way to getting (and staying!) organized. The OrgJunkie shares these and 5 more strategies to save you time daily.

Small Business Budget: Spring-Clean Your SaaS Overhead

Any business, but especially web-based businesses like us, rely on subscription-based Software as a service (SaaS) to keep our businesses organized and running smoothly. However, as your business expands, the monthly total you pay for these services can add up to a big chunk of cash. We recently went through and spring-cleaned our SaaS overhead. Here’s what we learned and how you can start your an audit of your own.

10 Office Organization Ideas To Make You So Much More Productive

Banish clutter!

20 Fabulous Command Centers to Get Your Life Completely Organized

All hands to the bridge…I mean to the command center! Keep your ship and crew in tip-top form with one of these oh so Pinterest-worthy command centers.

5 Organization Tips For People Who Hate Organizing

Organizing not your thing? Take it slow!

How to Tame Your Task List

Your task list is your key to a more organized day. But a key is only as good as the metal it’s made from. This super-handy infographic will guide you through forging a workable task list that will open doors to more time and a stress-free you!

16 Gmail Features That Will Help You Work Efficiently

Have there been days when you spend more time checking and answering emails than working on that new project? Been there! These 16 Gmail hacks will cut down on the time you spend wading through your inbox and free you up to go smell some spring roses!

How to make your taxes easier? Go paper-less!

Spring is a time for flowers…make sure it’s not also a time for showers of stress & woe over taxes. Follow these steps to organizing your tax materials electronically over the course of the year, thus saving paper and your sanity.

Traveling Entrepreneur: Tips for Staying Organized & Planning Your Week When Traveling

As our fans know, we love traveling. Unfortunately, as an already busy entrepreneur, traveling for business can add stress on top of your already busy schedule. To make sure you can enjoy your work trips as much as possible, here are some tips for the jet-setting entrepreneur.

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