Why start an online business in 2017?

A couple of years ago our founder Elizabeth Potts Weinstein was featured in the Wall Street Journal article How to Build a Business That Fits Your Lifestyle.

Regarding this growing type of entrepreneur, author Barbara Haislip wrote: “Instead of starting a company and shaping their life around it—working as long and as hard as the business demands—they start a company to fit the kind of life they want to lead…these entrepreneurs come up with creative ways to tap technology and set boundaries to do justice both to the business and their personal needs.”

At EPW Small Business Law we are a nontraditional, online law firm that helps others to start their own businesses. Elizabeth created a business that offers flexibility in her own life, and for her team, and she helps others to do the same!

Here are 4 reasons to start a business that meets your lifestyle needs in 2017:

  • More Time with Family. For Elizabeth in California, homeschooling her daughter is a perk of running a virtual business. Across the country in Western Massachusetts, I am writing from the home of my elderly parents where I am helping them to thin a lifetime collection of books and other possessions. I was reluctant at first, because during shorter visits the huge task stressed everyone and I wanted to get through it quickly. Now that my parents know I will help them downsize patiently—thanks to my flexible work—we are all more relaxed.
  • Life is short and the world is big! Call it being a working nomad, a digital nomad, location-independent, working remotely or virtually, workshifting, or whatever you like. If the ability to take your work to any coffee shop, on the road, or across the ocean appeals to you and works for your family, then an online business may be your ticket. Check out our 3 Tips for Traveling Light and Working Remote.
  • It’s 2017 and technology abounds. Thanks to an ever-growing array of online services, every aspect of a business, unless it is one that requires a physical location, can be run with the right SaaS. Our favorite for team collaboration and communication is Slack!
  • You’re ready to turn your Side Hustle into a real business. Do you have a hobby-business that is gaining momentum and starting to make money? This is your year to make your passion project a legit business! Listen to Elizabeth address legal questions in a chat with Nick Loper at Side Hustle Nation.

There is no better time to design your own life and work.

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