It’s an exciting time for our business to celebrate and reflect on strategies for success!

As we looked back on the last five years, Erika, Katie, and I discussed what we have learned while working together building this latest iteration of my legal practice. Here are our top five strategies for success.

These are also the practices we plan to use as we move forward in growing EPW Small Business Law into the future:   

Self Awareness: Know who you are and who you are not.

  • We embrace the use of personality assessments to give us insight into how we tend to operate in the world. I’m an INFJ. Erika is an INTP/ISTP. Katie is an ISFJ. Our different types enrich our team. 
  • Our core business values are consistent with our personal values.
  • Healthy business boundaries are essential. Knowing what drains you vs. what sustains you is key to success. We are passionate about this topic! Here is a video series I put together to share with other small businesses. And with any human who wants better boundaries with other humans! 10 Days to Business Boundaries.
  • Giving to causes we love is a joy that brings work and personal values into alignment. In 2016 we donated ⅓ of our profits to our favorite organizations.

Team Building: Build a team who is aligned with your values.

  • We value ethical business practices. For example, Erika has a background in analyzing the corporate social responsibility of global corporations. Katie has volunteered for social justice groups and is currently pursuing a Masters of the Environment degree in Boulder, Colorado.
  • We value the flexibility and travel possibilities that come with remote work. It is not unusual for us each to be working from a different continent. Check out Erika’s blog post, Loving the “No Office” Lifestyle, AKA the Remote-Nomadic-Hustle!
  • We value learning and growing as individuals and as a team through personality tests, sharing resources and articles with each other. And through our Small Business Book Club.

Screening: Attract clients who are a good fit for your way of doing business.

  • Fit is crucial. In our Legal Services web pages, you will see descriptions of who is a good fit for a particular service AND who is not a good fit. It doesn’t help us or our potential clients to “talk someone into” working with us. We seek people who are comfortable with our style and who are ready to take our advice.
  • We love to showcase the talent and passion of our clientele in our Client Spotlights.
  • Our clients are authentic, innovative, and passionate about doing good things in the world via business. 

Simplify: Adopt systems that streamline operations.

  • We have a network of SaaS that keeps us running smoothly. From in-house graphic design to relational databases to social media automation, we love great tools. Some of our favorites are Airtable, Asana, Canva, Meet Edgar, Slack, and vCita.
  • Like all things, services will change over time. The platform that you could not imagine operating without five years ago is now clunky and/or too expensive or just irrelevant. And many new services have popped up in the meantime. Check your paid services regularly to trim your expenses and to stay current.
  • Do you use checklists? People often skip this simple key to success and efficiency. Check out our review of “The Checklist Manifesto” by Atul Gawande.
  • Airtable–a spreadsheet/database/project tool–is becoming our go-to for organizing anything and everything. Have you checked out Airtable? The service also recently launched a cool new feature to “Explore, Discover, and Share Your Passion”–Airtable Universe.

Experiment: Test and re-evaluate service offerings regularly.

  • Everything (and everyone) is dynamic and evolving. Make sure the services you provide are agile and adaptable. 
  • When I first launched this version of my practice in 2012, I only had one offering– General Counsel. Since then I’ve added many different flat-fee services. I modify services to be a good fit for both me and my clients.
  • In 2016 we launched “Quick Calls” for people who have “just one quick question” they need answering to get them unstuck, or before they are ready to sign up for a larger package. Or to just “pick my brain.”

Everything (and everyone) is dynamic and evolving. Make sure the services you provide are agile and adaptable.

We hope these strategies for success give you some ideas and insight– from our small business to yours!


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