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Small Business Software

Small Business Software: Check Out 12 Services We LOVE (or Like) After 6 Years of Testing. Use This List to Build & Systematize Your Digital Small Business Too!

We are celebrating six years in business! Check out the 5 evergreen practices we revealed on our 5th birthday: self-awareness, core values, compatibility/client fit, systems, and experiments. This post combines systems + experiments. In 6 years we have tested a bunch of small business software to help run our cloud-based legal services business. We cancel […]

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Who Owns Your Content? What You Give Away When You Post Your Stuff Online.

It’s going around again. Those chain-mail Facebook posts about how you lose rights to your content unless you post some alleged disclosure warning to the government, citing a random UCC section (btw, those crappy Facebook privacy notices are a total myth). But it raises an important point. Who owns your content when you post it […]

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