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being a human

Tips for You! 5 Lessons We Gleaned from Our Small Business Last Year about Being a Human.

What are some aspects of being a human in a small business ecosystem? Looking at the big picture in our annual review, Elizabeth and I came to understand five lessons. These topics go beyond small business management or legal topics, into general lessons about being a human. Here’s wishing you all the calm and capable “I […]

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Strategies for Success

5 Strategies for Success from EPW Small Business Law (We Turned 5!)

It’s an exciting time for our business to celebrate and reflect on strategies for success! As we looked back on the last five years, Erika, Katie, and I discussed what we have learned while working together building this latest iteration of my legal practice. Here are our top five strategies for success. These are also […]

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Slack review2

Are you Drowning in Email? Get Slack, A Dynamic Communication Tool for Small Business Teams

Before Slack we were buried under a hard-to-manage jumble of bulky emails on disparate topics. Not so now! True to the buzz about this instant messaging and collaboration software, our small business team rarely uses email.  Slack is now an integral part of our workflow, one that keeps us organized and streamlined. Slack: a multi-purpose solution […]

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Thinking about Being an INTP

Upon confirming my personality type according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator recently, it was fun to see that one of history’s most intriguing characters, Charles Darwin, was supposedly an INTP! What? Wait a minute. Did Darwin take the Myers-Briggs test? Did Einstein? I am not sure how a guy named Joe Butt figured this out, […]

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