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17 Resources for Making Distance Working Work for You and Your Team - Pinterest

17 Resources for Making Distance Working Work for You and Your Team

More and more businesses are exploring the benefits of distance working – the flexible lifestyle, the lack of commute, the ability to work from anywhere in the world. Starting a remote business, hiring, and managing a remote team comes with unique challenges for a remote entrepreneur. As a fully remote team ourselves, we celebrate our […]

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Brandscaping is Crucial for Your Digital Small Business. Learn Why!

Welcome to our 4th Small Business Book Club, where our team identifies key takeaways from a book that enhance small business operations, strategy, or marketing. Check out our last review, with tips to lively up your business writing, inspired by Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes.   What is Brandscaping? Brandscaping, according to Andrew M. Davis’s book […]

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Writing for Your Small Business: 14 Resources to Inspire You!

At EPW Small Business Law, writing is an integral part of our marketing strategy.  Each of our employees contributes to our blog, and we value involving our team in the content creation process and sharing our insights on: small business law, marketing, business tips, personal development, and working remotely. In recognition of the important role […]

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Small Business Book Club: With “Uncommon Service” Less is More!

This is our 2nd Small Business Book Club post, where our team reads a book and identifies how key takeaways apply to our small business and may enhance yours. Here is how two brilliant women, the authors of Uncommon Service, determined that less is more in business! An intriguing list of book recommendations in Scaling […]

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Are you Drowning in Email? Get Slack, A Dynamic Communication Tool for Small Business Teams

Before Slack we were buried under a hard-to-manage jumble of bulky emails on disparate topics. Not so now! True to the buzz about this instant messaging and collaboration software, our small business team rarely uses email.  Slack is now an integral part of our workflow, one that keeps us organized and streamlined. Slack: a multi-purpose solution […]

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