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Small Business Software

Small Business Software: Check Out 12 Services We LOVE (or Like) After 6 Years of Testing. Use This List to Build & Systematize Your Digital Small Business Too!

We are celebrating six years in business! Check out the 5 evergreen practices we revealed on our 5th birthday: self-awareness, core values, compatibility/client fit, systems, and experiments. This post combines systems + experiments. In 6 years we have tested a bunch of small business software to help run our cloud-based legal services business. We cancel […]

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Small Business Budget

Small Business Budget: Trim Your Software Overhead!

To keep your small business budget light and clutter-free, minimize your software overhead! Auditing Your Small Business Budget The boom of subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) in recent years has opened up countless affordable services for efficient small business operations, but once your collection of services grows, the monthly total can add up to […]

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Strategies for Success

5 Strategies for Success from EPW Small Business Law (We Turned 5!)

It’s an exciting time for our business to celebrate and reflect on strategies for success! As we looked back on the last five years, Erika, Katie, and I discussed what we have learned while working together building this latest iteration of my legal practice. Here are our top five strategies for success. These are also […]

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