“I hired EPW Small Business Law for two purposes and was very happy with the service for each. One Andrea Vahlwas to create a contract template I could use for a course I co-founded, Social Media Manager School, and the other was to draw up a legal letter I needed for a business dispute I had with someone I had done business with in the past. Elizabeth went above and beyond with her service and communication. She also spent time on an interview for the course that we were able to use for our members. She explained everything clearly and gave different options for the two scenarios. I would highly recommend EPW for your legal matters!”

~ Andrea Vahl, Author, Speaker & Consultant. Co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and Co-founder of Social Media Manager School.

We love our clients! In addition to more testimonials below, check out our latest Client Spotlights, where we share stories from our dynamic and passionate entrepreneurial clients! ~ the EPW team

Kaneisha Grayson

“Elizabeth’s expertise and professionalism brought us so much peace of mind as we navigated the unfamiliar territory of joint venture agreements. She was prompt with her responses and always had the answers we needed. We look forward to working with her again in the future!”

~ Dayna Abraham of LLA Media, LLC & Claire Heffron of The Inspired Treehouse LLC, two of the authors of Sensory Processing 101.

evan leah quinn testimonial

“I’m so happy to have Elizabeth Potts Weinstein as my legal counsel because she really gets me and my business! Not only is she able to think through complex situations or processes that are specific to digital businesses, but she’s able to give me the best legal perspective, too.

She’s so much more than a lawyer. She’s helped put together contracts, protect my business, and answer some of my most pressing legal questions. She helped me incorporate my business and has been there through every step of the company’s growth and expansion!

I love having her on my team and if you resonate with her, I highly recommend hiring her, too!”

~ Nathalie Lussier, founder of AmbitionAlly, a software startup.

tracy coan testimonials facebook

clarity testimonials 6-2015

maddie“I am so happy I had Elizabeth’s help through my first year of business. Anything that I needed from a legal stand point, she was there to walk me through it or answer any of my questions. It put me at ease knowing that I had Elizabeth there and that my business was started on the right foot. Elizabeth also saved me a ton of time! After spending hours on the computer trying to figure out which forms to fill out and in which order, I realized it was not a good use of my time, and that if I had the right help it would be extremely beneficial to my business. That is where Elizabeth came in and I couldn’t have done it without her!”

~ Maddie Dierkes Spoto, Folk Dreams. Folk Dreams offers handmade nature inspired jewelry for the explorer, dreamer and believer. http://www.etsy.com/shop/folkdreamsjewelry

Elaine Heney testimonial

“For years there was a part of me that thought if I ignored the legal aspect of my business, it would just go away. That might work well for an ostrich, but not so much for a small business owner…which is exactly why I chose to work with EPW. She knows small business, she understands people, and she takes away the overwhelm. Together, we have created a legal foundation in my business that not only protects me, but my clients as well. She is definitely a valued part of my team. I highly recommend working with her!”

~ Julie Smith, Adolescent & Family Counselor (JulieSmith.com), Family Forward Center.
Julie is dedicated to developing the ABC’s – attitude, behavior and character – in kids and families. She specializes in helping parents understand tweens, so they can help tweens understand themselves.

“Since I’ve moved beyond hobby and into business-for-real, I wanted to ensure the legalities of my business were built without error or need to backtrack and correct things later. When I saw Elizabeth Potts Weinstein’s law business for small business and entrepreneurs, I immediately contacted her for services. Elizabeth is someone I’ve followed for years and the adage of doing business with someone I know, like, and trust came into effect. It is extremely important to me to work with people that hold a high level of integrity and ethics and I knew Elizabeth was this person. Furthermore, Elizabeth has a thorough understanding of my business model, making her expertise much more valuable to me.

I decided to initially invest in a year-long retainer services with Elizabeth to take advantage of establishing solid agreements, contracts, trademarks, and eventually consider an LLC. It is such a huge relief to have someone I can turn to for questions to ensure that I’m building my business to minimize liability and future repercussions. When I had questions about Registered Trademarks and potential infringements, Elizabeth providing an immediate and thorough response of how to deal with it professionally, and avoiding future cease and desist orders. Many entrepreneurs in my industry do not have adequate agreements with contractors, clients, and joint venture partners, for example. With Elizabeth’s assistance, I know I’m setting up the legalities of my business on all fronts to be solid and secure. I feel like I have an attorney in my pocket with Elizabeth’s client management system and response times. I highly recommend Elizabeth for anybody conducting a legitimate business.”

~ Lisa Hines, Sacred Soul Journey Coach. http://LisaHines.com
Spiritual Transformation for Inner Healing, Clarity, and Courage to Live Your Vision

“I spent a long time avoiding talking to an attorney, even though I knew that there were things I wanted to do in my business that I couldn’t go head with until I did. I saw all lawyers as intimidating, suit wearing, confusing, and frighteningly expensive. I couldn’t have been more thrilled when I found out that Elizabeth was opening a small business law practice, because she is approachable, easy to understand, and knows about owning an internet based business. The projects that I had set aside are now in progress, specifically because I was able to talk to Elizabeth about them.”

~ Kathryn Hunter, Essential Glimmer.


Disclosure: My clients did not receive compensation for sharing their above experiences. They don’t get a kickback from any new clients who comes in through them (by the way, I can’t have an affiliate program, because I’m an attorney). Also, be aware that these testimonials/endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. It’s impossible to guarantee anything in law, since the outcome depends partially on factors out of our control.

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