At EPW Small Business Law, writing is an integral part of our marketing strategy. 

Each of our employees contributes to our blog, and we value involving our team in the content creation process and sharing our insights on: small business law, marketing, business tips, personal development, and working remotely.

In recognition of the important role that writing plays for us, here are 14 of our favorite articles on why we write, writing for small businesses, business writing tips and tricks, and writing as therapy.

Why we write

Why I Make Time to Blog

Did you know, companies that blog more than once a week can see their traffic double or even triple compared to companies that blog less? Yes, it’s hard to find time amidst all your other duties to find time to blog. That’s why B founder and CEO Brigitte Lyons shares her top seven systems that keep her blogging – these are great tips!

Introverts, Start Writing

If the word “self-promotion” makes you cringe, then this opinion piece from the New York Times may be just the thing for you. Writing is a great alternative to traditional self-promotion tactics. Here you’ll learn how to leverage the written word to propel your career forward.

Life as a Freelance Editor – with Julia Willson

Love writing? Looking for a side business, or a main business? Julia Wilson of Edits by Julia shares why she left a stable corporate job to become a freelance editor, how she leveraged her prior experience to get her first few clients, and what a typical day is like for a freelance editor on this podcast episode from Anywhere, Anywhen: The Art of Working Remotely.

Writing for your small business

What’s Your About Page Really About?

Making your website’s About page all about you wastes one of your best opportunities to connect and convert. Here’s how to write an about page that sticks.

Bad Writing Is Destroying Your Company’s Productivity

Fuzzy writing allows fuzzy thinking. It’s time to commit to a culture of clarity through writing. “Do this right, and you’ll get a reputation for truth,” says Harvard Business Review, in this helpful article.

How to Write Your Business Purpose Statement

Your business purpose statement describes your core motivation and what drives you. As you work on putting that into words, remember these five qualities every business purpose statement should have.

9 Tips For Writing Great Business Website Content

You want a potential customer to stay on your site long enough to see what you have to offer. How do you make the content on your business website ‘sticky’? Try these nine tips.

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer

This article quickly rose to the level of ‘iconic’ for its threadbare approach to a complex truth: Keep. It. Simple.

The Secret Behind How The New York Times Creates Viral Articles – Science of People

In a quest to find out what makes a story compelling and what makes certain stories go viral, the writers at Science of People dug into the data of New York Times’s viral successes and shares their secrets.

Writing tips & tricks

How to Automate Writing and Editing Tasks

If you repeat an editing action three times, you might want to find a way to automate it.

Tech Tools for Writers shares their favorite automated writing and editing macros.

10 of the World’s Best Storytellers

“Storytelling is a cornerstone of human existence…” and it’s what enables successful people to communicate and connect with anyone –– and I mean anyone –– to this day. Whatever your goal, whether to initiate social change, make a sale, or make a friend, the people who are best at it are the ones who can tell a story that makes you sit up, listen, and understand. The best storytellers’ messages are heard.

How to Focus When You’re Not Sure What to Write About

We all get stuck writing sometimes…and it sucks. Here, Stefanie Frank shares her tips on how to move past the stuck and find your flow. Remember, self-compassion is the most important skill to practice as a writer.

Writing as therapy

Writing Therapy, or What You Get for the Cost of a Number Two Pencil and a Piece of Paper

Ever had something swirling around your head for months but can’t quite pin the thought down? Try picking up an old fashioned pencil and paper! Sometimes, we don’t truly know our thoughts until we put them in writing.

How to use writing to overcome anxiety, tragedy, or heartache

“Think of expressive writing as a tool that will always be at your disposal, or like having medicine in your medicine cabinet. No need to take the medicine when you are healthy, but when you are under the weather, you can always turn to it.”


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