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Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

Attorney, EPW Small Business Law PC

I've created over 200 videos for small business owners like you.

You can find tutorials to help you file your own trademark application, create your own LLC, answer your small business legal questions, and more.

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So many business owners and online entrepreneurs do not have access to an attorney. You don't necessarily need a lawyer for everything, and can learn to handle many business legal issues yourself. But sometimes we all need a bit of guidance to do stuff right the first time around.

I'm attorney Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, and I've helped hundreds of businesses get started and grow to their next level. Now I can help even more small business owners like you learn how to handle their own legal work via videos & trainings on the YouTube Channel and the Patreon membership.

Let's work together to get the answers you need to start & grow your small business.

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