How to Work with Me

Thanks for coming here to learn how to work with me one-on-one! Right now I am open to new clients for certain projects. If you're interested in one of the services below, you can sign up directly on this page (see the below links), or feel free to message me with questions at

Check out the FAQs about my practice or the Client Testimonals.

Quick Calls

Quick Calls are short calls with me to get answers to your business legal questions, so you can move forward with the next step in your business. While you can ask questions in a YouTube comment or on a livestream, some issues are better handled via a private, one-on-one discussion.

Many types of questions and issues are good for a Quick Call, such as:

Calls are held via Google Meet video conference, or you can opt for a telephone call or even an email exchange. If you'd like to send documents for us to discuss on the call, or background information for me to review ahead of time, you can send that via email. In this way, we can be extra efficient on the call.

If you have a Quick Call to discuss us working on a project together and you sign up for a flat-fee package within 30-days of your call, the Quick Call fee will be credited to your account.

If you have questions about the package or whether it is right for you, email me at

Trademark Package

Interested in protecting your brand? In this Trademark Package, I'll handle the application process at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) to obtain your registered trademark.

This package is for someone who has already come up with a brand name and/or logo, and they are looking to see if it is trademark-able and, if so, to protect it with a USPTO registered trademark. If you are still at the brainstorming stage, you may want to instead have a Quick Call to discuss your ideas, where I can give you high-level advice about their potential.

In this package, first you will send me information like your potential trademark, the products or services that will be sold in conjunction with the trademark, and any other information about your business or industry that you find relevant. Then we will have a 30-minute Trademark Counseling Session, where we will go over my analysis of your potential trademark and the results of the informal trademark search. I will explain the trademarking process, give you advice regarding your chances, and share my recommendations for your trademark class (category) and other strategies.

If during the Trademark Counseling Session you realize that filing a trademark registration application is not a good idea, I will refund whatever fees you have not yet used, pro-rata based on the time I've spent on your project (calculated per my hourly rate, currently $500/hour).

Once we agree on the specifics of your application, I will file it with the USPTO and be responsible for tracking the application and responding to any communications from the USPTO trademark examiner. Responding to the examiner, including basic Office Action replies, are included in this Package. However, filing substantive motions or appeals before the TTAB are not included. There are no guarantees of success because there are too many factors out of our control.

Your Trademark Counseling Session will be via Google Meet, phone, or email exchange, at your preference. Otherwise, we will be working together via email.

This package includes:

The fee for a Trademark Package is $1050. This fee does not include the USPTO Filing Fee, which is usually $250 per class (category of product/service) if you use a class in the USPTO database. If you would like to file multiple applications, send me an email at where I'll give you a customized package quote.

If you have questions about the package or whether it is right for you, email me at

Click here to sign up for Combination CA LLC & Trademark Package ($2700)

California LLC Package

If you are starting a new business, or are ready to convert your sole proprietorship into a more formal business entity, in the California LLC Package I'll help you create and set up your new Limited Liability Company.

This package is for someone who is not comfortable setting up their LLC themselves, who doesn't have the time to set it up, or who wants to make sure it is done right the first time.

In the California LLC Package, we will start with an included 15-minute Quick Call to answer initial questions and gather necessary information (if you prefer, this can instead be handled via email). Then I will form the LLC, do various filings required for compliance, create documents to provide the "papertrail" for your LLC, and help you set up the back-end of your business so you are ready to launch.

The process typically takes 1-4 month(s) from our start date, depending on how fast you make decisions, the backlog of various governments involved, and how many items your business needs.

This package includes:

If you would prefer a corporation instead of an LLC, or if you need your LLC formed in another state, this is not the package for you. However, if you want an LLC that is taxed as an S-Corp, that is included in this package.

The CA LLC Package fee is $1950. There are 2-pay and 3-pay payment plans available when you sign up.

The fee does not include government filing fees, publishing fees, registered agent fees, or taxes. I will pay for filing and publishing fees and then will invoice you to reimburse me. The filing fees and publishing fees are typically $150-400. If you hire a registered agent, those fees are typically $99-150/year, which you pay directly. The California annual franchise fee (minimum tax) is currently $800/year, but the first calendar year has no minimum fee.

Quick Calls are held via Google Meet, phone, or email exchange. Besides that, we work together via email and through collaboration on Google Docs, including your Client Guide. The best way to reach me with any questions is via email, but you can also schedule additional Quick Calls at the regular Quick Call fee.

If you have questions about the package or whether it is right for you, email me at

Click here to sign up for Combination CA LLC & Trademark Package ($2700)

Client Feedback and Testimonials

"I’m so happy to have Elizabeth Potts Weinstein as my legal counsel because she really gets me and my business! Not only is she able to think through complex situations or processes that are specific to digital businesses, but she’s able to give me the best legal perspective, too. She’s so much more than a lawyer. She’s helped put together contracts, protect my business, and answer some of my most pressing legal questions. She helped me incorporate my business and has been there through every step of the company’s growth and expansion! I love having her on my team and if you resonate with her, I highly recommend hiring her, too!" ~ Nathalie Lussier, founder of AccessAlly, a software startup

"I am so happy I had Elizabeth’s help through my first year of business. Anything that I needed from a legal stand point, she was there to walk me through it or answer any of my questions. It put me at ease knowing that I had Elizabeth there and that my business was started on the right foot. Elizabeth also saved me a ton of time! After spending hours on the computer trying to figure out which forms to fill out and in which order, I realized it was not a good use of my time, and that if I had the right help it would be extremely beneficial to my business. That is where Elizabeth came in and I couldn’t have done it without her!" ~ Maddie Spoto

"Elizabeth was so great at answering questions. I really appreciated the open conversation. She was really great at explaining legal terms in a way we could understand and apply to our business." ~ Lauren Wong

"Elizabeth has been there when my business and I needed support and went above and beyond. I'm so grateful to know I have an incredible lawyer standing behind my business when I need it. Super grateful." ~ Renee Jayne, holistic nutrition practitioner and life coach

“What I enjoy the most is that everything is easy – that Elizabeth gives a good name to attorneys. I tell everyone about her. Its easy to contact her when needed.” ~ Ming Chee, The Money Alchemist

“Elizabeth went above and beyond with her service and communication. She explained everything clearly and gave different options for the two scenarios. I would highly recommend EPW for your legal matters!” ~ Andrea Vahl, Facebook Marketing expert and speaker